12 December 1978, Calcutta, INDIA 

The human life is divided into three parts. In three spheres, human beings do their karmas.

One is the spiritual sphere, the second is the mental or psychic sphere and third is crude physical sphere.

Only today, I had some discussion with some one that whatever pain, sorrow or discontent one has or feels in one’s spiritual sphere – that affliction can be removed by personal efforts provided one gets the blessings of Parama Puruśa. “Mahat krpáyaeva Bhagavatkrpá́leshádvá”

The man no doubt has to make his own effort should continue., but his effort if there is a little blessings – a little favor and grace from any noble some along with a little blessings from Parama Puruśa can be achieved.(Only a little will do) then that will be enough for the purpose.

This matter solely concerns the spiritual level only. 

About it no further deliberation should be made by any one.  

No further thought is necessary because the very existence, the very entity of Parama Puruśa is for the welfare of the Jiivas. 

If there had been no question of welfare for the Jiivas, then Parama Puruśa would have remained in HIS Nirguńa stance – HE would not come as Taraka Brahma. This implies that HIS Idea, HIS objective is to do welfare, to serve and save the human race.

That is what Lord Krśńa declared – Paritráńáya sádhúnáḿ vinásháya ca duśkrtám; Dharmasaḿsthápanártháya sambhavámi yuge yuge.

What is the necessity of Parama Puruśa to descend on this earth again and again?

HE emerges only in order to do welfare for people – is it not.

Here welfare of the people mainly means welfare in their spiritual fields. It also indirectly means in the psychic field as well as in the crude physical field. This is because Parama Puruśa is the only benefactor; only well wisher of the human race. 

All the Jiivas are HIS children, it can not therefore be said that Parama Puruśa will do Kalyáńa in the spiritual sphere and that HIS benevolent touch will not be felt in the psychic or in the crude physical sphere.

In the spiritual sphere, it has been said – Mahat krpáyaeva Bhagavatkrpá́leshádvá, that the human being will make progress with the blessings of great souls as well as of the God, otherwise with personal efforts alone how far one can go or advance?

Aghat́ana ghat́ana pat́iiyasii Máyá [“the dexterous hand of Máyá that can even create things impossible to create”]

Maya is very apt in making impossible thing possible thing. She is terribly influential and a bewitching entity. Fighting against her , what an ordinary person can do with his little personal effort?

So one has to admit that grace means compassion of a great soul – a noble person.

Along with it a touch of ‘krpá, a little bit of blessing of Parama Puruśa is required. Not much but a little of HIS blessing will be enough to do it, it has been done in the past and it will be even done in the future too. 

But what does it happen in the psychic sphere?

In the psychic level, whatever karma one has performed – the reaction of it – the reactive momenta of what has already been done in the past (prárabdha) is being felt. Here also a little blessing of great soul and a little grace of Parama Puruśa will do.

Pain and sorrow will certainly come according to the prárabdha (destiny) and human being will also suffer from it, affliction will not be felt nor be felt as affliction. That is (due to krpá, of a great man and the God) the psychic affliction if there is any, will also vanish.

Because in such case, sufferings will not resemble as suffering at all and the person will enjoy Ananda or Bliss in his psychic sphere.

If sufferings do not afflict any pain than it can not be termed as affliction. Let such affliction come the human being would take no notice of it.

Now how does the whole matter affect the crude physical field?

In the physical sphere people do feel the necessity for food, clothes, education, medical care and for home and shelter.

Now see what Parama Puruśa has done?

HE has scattered all the riches, the mankind can ever think it, all over the world.

Great wealth and immense fortune has been scattered around the world.

HE has also enriched the human race with intelligence so that they can eat, stay and live together. Sádhaná for the psychic peace – Sádhaná for the spiritual liberation are to be performed.

If you performed Sádhaná then all your psychic afflictions will vanish. You have got my krpá. Your spiritual pain and sorrow will go because it has been said that God will bestow krpá’ to you all. That is why HE proclaimed “sambhavámi yuge yuge [“I incarnate myself in every age”]”. 

In every turn of a yuga, I shall come down to earth. 

So there is no scope for further deliberation. 

Now the problem only remains in the crude physical field.

In the physical field, it has been ordained again and during the ages of SHIVA or KRŚŃA, that human being should eat, live & stay together.

“Devábhágaḿ yathápúrve saḿjánáná upásate [“let us share our wealth without differentiation, like sages of the past, so that all may enjoy the universe”].

But the human being has failed to practice it and that was why people had been suffering from pain and sorrow in their physical sphere – have suffered and are still suffering.

Now to drive away the sufferings from the physical field one has to understand the common sense, the common intellect which acts behind such sufferings.

That “Common sense” dictates that meant all the riches, all the wealth of this world are meant for all; so that the whole mankind can live on it. It is not proper that one should go and snatch away another person’s morsel.

Therefore some arrangement ought to be made, by which people could legitimately & jointly distribute & share all the riches and wealth of this world amongst themselves so that they could jointly utilize them for the common benefit of the mankind. 

But no greatman hitherto did venture to propagate this doctrine. And because none has done so, there remained an “anu-prapatti”, a want or discontent in the social system and mankind had to suffer much from it.

This ill ought to be rectified now.

Should such a thing be allowed to continue any further?

When the human being is an intellectually dominated Jiiva then why he should suffer from such a big defect days and years together and century after century?

It ought not to be allowed to continue. Yet the fun is that this disparity created in the physical field due to an “Anu-prapatti” is the root of all evils.

And on account of this evil only the peace of the psychic sphere gets repeatedly disturbed.

To avoid such a thing so that human being may try to drive away the worldly afflictions by keeping a greater and noble aim before their eyes, the philosophy of PROUT has been thought of and propagated. There was no other alternative than to create the philosophy of PROUT.

If PROUT WAS NOT propagated then people would have suffered from pains and sorrows century after century.

And the holy opportunist persons would have exploited the general mass taking advantage upon the simple maintainess and on intellectual deficiency and discontent.

This exploitation was rampant in three particular forms.

  1. Oppression,
  2. Suppression and
  3. Exploitation 

I have not said repression because repression is totally entangled with exploitation. Now by hook and crook, all the population of the world will have to be saved from this oppression, suppression and exploitation. 

Then what will happen, it will bring relief – it will drive away the crude physical and worldly afflictions of the people.

Then whatever non adjustment is there in the psychic sphere will be corrected, in the spiritual field want was not there, nor it is there or will remain there. 

People are atleast sure of it in this respect.  

And what people will do by acquiring Shakti in their psychic spheres. People will, by acquiring Shakti, will reject the afflictions which they had to suffer from, due to their reason of their prárabdha. 

In other words, with establishment of the PROUT philosophy, all the problems of the physical sphere as well of the spiritual sphere will get solved. 

And how it will effect the psychic sphere?

In the psychic sphere people will no doubt, due to prárabdha, suffer from the affliction but they will also acquire the capacity to combat it.

Keeping these factors in mind you all try to build a new human society very quickly.

Those who will opposite them do so.

You should always remember that those group of people who are the pioneers, the vanguards, are found always small in number but at the end they become the ultimate winners. 

And the persons who one day opposed you or still opposing you or still and will later oppose – the same group of people will proclaim afterwards and point out at you, as the vanguards – that it is you who one day cleared the jungle and made inroads, so that all other lesser people could drive on there cars in comfort on to that road of progress. That is they will recognize your service. 

But such a recognition is not always forth which is of-course customary. Along with it, you also should keep in mind this simple truth that the jungle is the habitat of only a few numbers of lions and tigers. 

Most of the creatures that live in there are jackals and the lower animals. But the lion and tiger are supreme in the jungle. And the jackals by habit will always howl.

But the lions and tigers should remain undisturbed with their howling.