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PLEXII AND MICROVITA {Discourse corrected}


10 January 1989, Calcutta, INDIA

The world is moving rapidly from physicality to intellectuality. A day is sure to come when this intellectuality will be transformed into spirituality. Just as the intellectual age is fast approaching, the spiritual age will also come in the very near future.

There are three types of beings.

The first are physical beings, like dogs. If you call a dog an abusive name it remains indifferent.

The second are psychic beings, such as human beings. If you insult a man he will get angry, and he may even start weeping or commit suicide.

The third are spiritual beings. A time will come when there will also be many spiritual beings on this earth.

For spiritual advancement spiritual practices are a must, and in spiritual practices the role of the cakras or Plexii is immense. In fact, the most important aspect of spiritual practice is the purification and control of the Cakras (Cakra Sodhana and Cakra Niyantrańa) ……

………….So this theory is beyond the scope of astrology and astronomy.

Astrology and astronomy consider only a bit of the effect of the planets on fate, fortune, etc., but this theory considers the effect of not only the direct rays but also the indirect reflected and refracted rays on the glands and sub-glands.

It is quite impossible for astrology and astronomy to calculate all these effects on the glands and sub-glands. Hence this is a completely new science.

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