1 October 1978, Patna, INDIA 

Recently a knotty problem was placed before me. The problem or the question may be knotty but the reply is very simple. Not at all Knotty.  

The question was “Whether Ladies are entitled to get Salvation or Emancipation”. 

Recently I told you that in Tantra it has been said that “Sukrtaer mánavo bhutvá jiṋánii cenmokśamápnuyát”. 

The minimum qualification for acquiring Self-knowledge is that, he or she should have a human body. 

This is the minimum qualification and here, it has not been mentioned whether that spiritual aspirant should be male or female. 

From this it is clear that both are equally entitled to get Salvation. 

It is a fact that in almost all scriptures and their notes and tiithas (commentaries), it has been said in unambiguous language that ladies are not entitled to get Salvation. 

But the decision, or the Ideology, or the Judgment of Ánanda Márga is quite different. 

In our opinion, and also in MY opinion, both are equally entitled to get Salvation and Emancipation. 

I support no distinction between Males and Females. 

Our common sense says that amongst so many kośas of human existence – Annamaya kośa, Kámamaya kośa, Manomaya Kośa, so many Kośas there are, amongst so many Kośas, the difference between male and female lies only in the lower two kośas, that is the Physical body and crude mental body -kámamaya kośa. 

That is that portion of the mind which is closely associated with body. 

Only in two kośas and in remaining all other Kośas the question of sex-difference doesn’t arise. 

And all the subtler tests, all the subtler experiments and experiences of human existence are in the higher kośas; not in the lower two kośas which are closely associated with physical body.

BA‘BA’ is speaking in Hindi here. 

So, the paternal feeling remains unchanged whether the child is a male child or a female child. 

Similarly, for the Parama Puruśa, all males are HIS sons, all females are HIS daughters. 

Then, why should HE encourage any differentiation?

When the Salvation, when the door of Salvation is open to Males, then the door of Salvation and Emancipation is also open to HIS daughters. Why not? Logic says like this. 

{“Jab Mukti kha Dharwaja hunka betounakeliya khula hua hai, Beti yokeliya, khiunyu nai rahega”. Aveshiya rahega, Hai bhi.} 

Those vested interests, those who are vested interest in the realm of religion, not spirituality, they used to say that like this, just to perpetrate their exploitation over females, for an indefinite period.

 This was their psychology. They were guided by this psychology.  

That’s why they used to say that Salvation and Emancipation are for Males only. 

Now, the entire universe is HIS creation. Rather, it will be still more correct to say that this entire Universe is a metamorphosed form of the Parama Puruśa. 

And I remember, once upon a time, I said we have no faith in “Avatár-ism”. At the same time, we say that each and every Creation is HIS Avatára. You all are HIS Avatára, and not only males but females also. 

Tvaḿ strii tvaḿ pumánasi; Tvaḿ kumára uta vá kumárii

Tvaḿ jiirńadań d́ena vancayasi; Tvaḿ játo bhavasi vishvatomukhah 

You are in the form of women, You are in the form of males,

You are in the form of boys, You are in the form of girls.

You move along the road, in the role of an old man with a stick in the hand, and you as soon as You create Yourself,

You become all Seeing, all knowing, Omniscience and Omnipotent.”  

BA’BA’ is speaking in Hindi here. 

You all are Avatáras because you all are “Descent” of the Supreme Entity, “Coming down” of the Supreme Entity. 

You all are Avatáras. 

BA’BA’ is speaking in Hindi here. 

It is not at all a logic. Its fools philosophy, Satanic philosophy, What? Satanic Philosophy. 

HE has transformed Himself, HE has metamorphosed Himself in all the forms, in so many forms, in innumerable forms, and not only males and females. 

Each and every entity, big or small, insect or animal are entitled to enjoy that Supreme stance, here. 

Those who are not in human form, they cannot do Sádhaná. 

But they can by HIS Grace, by HIS Bliss, attain Salvation even. 

Even an insect can attain Salvation if so desired by HIM. 

It is a fact that, that insect cannot do Sádhaná because the body is not that of human being, but it also can attain salvation if so desired by HIM.  

And those “Poothi holders”(Scripture-holders) have got “No Right” to say that, that man will get Salvation; and that women won’t get it. 

It is there audacity to say like this. 

BA’BA’ is speaking in Hindi here and explaining the below shloka. 

Niilah pataungo harito lohitákśastad́idgarbhá rtavah samudrá;

Anádimastvaḿ vibhutvena vartase yato játáni bhútáni vashvá. 

The tiny butterfly, the small, yellow, red eyed bird…

All are your manifestations.

Even the tiny forms radiate the glow of your beauty”. 

Are you only small? Those dark rain clouds that fill the sky to the distant horizons are also Your manifestation.

So why should I fear the roar of thunder and the flashes of lightening?

We should not neglect the tiny butterflies nor fear the thundering storm clouds because they too, are Your manifestations. Even eternal time is not unrelated to you. The months, the seasons, the years formed by splitting the flow of time are also Your manifestations. 

Oh Universal One, all centre around You, all throb with Your universal life, all pulse with Your universal rhythm, all have been proclaiming Your excellence since the dawn of time. The vast, unfathomable ocean extols Your limitlessness, the roaring waves of the sea cause the sky and earth to resound with Your shouts of victory. Whatever is created vibrates with the endless flow of the jingling ankle bells. 

This diverse creation is caused by Your special Eminent power.