In July 1976 just a few months after the end of the emergency in India, BA’BA’ gave the direction for a Master Unit of the Women’s Welfare Department (W.W.D) to be established. 

In BA’BA’s words, it was to be a “mini -ÁNANDA NAGAR” which is the Central World Headquarters of ÁNANDA MÁRGA PRACÁRAKA SAḾGHA . Likewise this project was to be the Central Headquarters of the W.W.D and to be a model for all the welfare and connected programs of this Department.

One and half years later the work which was then simply on paper has begun to come to fruition at the 4 acre site now named “ÁNANDA SAMBODHI”.

After receiving a donation of land near Asansol, West Bengal (India) work began on construction almost immediately. Already there is a small construction of three rooms and bath room which will be open as Primary School in 1979.

The plan envisaged for “ÁNANDA Sambodh” is very vast as indicated by the scope of the program below:

  1. ÁNANDA MÁRGA Women’s Welfare Department Central Office.
  2. Whole timer Prashiks’an Math (Training Center) (Ladies) of Seva Dharma Mission. (This is to be shifted from Benares as soon as possible).
  3. Hari Pari Mandala Gosthi (Ladies) Global Prashiks’an Math (Local Full-Timer (LFT) Training Center).
  4. ÁNANDA MÁRGA Primary School (Lady managed)
  5. ÁNANDA MÁRGA Children’s Home (Lady managed)
  6. ÁNANDA MÁRGA Hostel (Girls)
  7. ÁNANDA MÁRGA Sisters Home (for the abandoned and destitute girls).
  8. Academy of Light (for the blind girls and women).
  9. ÁNANDA MÁRGA New Life Asylum (for the patients of Leprosy).
  10. ÁNANDA MÁRGA Maternity Hospital and Women’s Hospital.
  11. Medical Unit (Abha Seva Sadan)
  12. ÁNANDA MÁRGA Press
  13. Tribal and Backwards Peoples Welfare Center (TBPW)
  14. Narii Abhyudaya Center (Women’s Development Scheme)
  15. Agricultural Development Section (for Cattle raising, poultry; crop and vegetable cultivation by improved methods).
  16. Cottage Industries Section (to teach and employ the local women in gainful occupation for making them financially independent; includes tailoring training and books binding; weaving;pottery etc.
  17. ÁNANDA MÁRGA Jagriti School for poorer students 

This gives a glimpse of the number of ideal program to be established in the pioneering effort and yet still the final plan is not complete. The prime purpose of ÁNANDA Sambodhi is to be for the all-round upliftment of the women in general and for the development of the local tribal women in particular, as well as serving as the centre for all ÁNANDA MÁRGA W.W.D activities. For the sisters of ÁNANDA MÁRGA it is an opening to new vistas of service for the welfare of their World family. 

We thank our Beloved BA’BA’ for giving us this unique opportunity in His all-encompassing Mission.