A strong Vibratory Supra Aesthetic Science called “KIIRTAN” was introduced in the year 1970 for the collective elevation inventing “BÁBÁ NAM KEVALAM”.

BA´BA´ NA´M KEVALAM” is the Siddha Mantra which is sang during Kiirtan. It originated from among the devotees at RANCHI in 1970, then Head Quarters of “ÁNANDA MÁRGA PRACÁRAKA SAḾGHA”.

Officially it got recognition by “MAHÁKAOLA/ MAHÁSAMBHÚTI SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI as a Siddha Mantra on the 10th October of DEEPAVALI DAY in 1970, and was announced as such that very evening at the Village of Amjharia (Bihar State of INDIA).

It is the first hand information  regarding the starting of  ”BABA NAM KEVALAM” who were present when Preceptor BÁBÁ visited “Amjharia Forest Rest House” to invent this eight syllable Siddha Mantra. This “Amjharia Forest Rest House”, was originally constructed by the Dewan, King of that local place.

It was known that Beloved BA’BA’ was accompanied by Acarya Rajmohanji from Patna and few volunteers.

Acarya Brahmadevaji from Aurangabad (Bihar State of India) along with many Duty bearing margiis decided to have Darshan of Beloved BA’BA’ reached Amjharia Forest Rest house.

Here Beloved BA’BA’ started narrating many incidents related with Kiirtan and various types of Kiirtan and its benefits. After sometime Beloved BA’BA’ started to walk outside of the Rest house and brought him to a place and asked him to sit in Meditation. Then Beloved BA’BA’ asked him whether, he is listening any music.

Acarya Brahmadevaji told that he is listening a soothing kiirtan tune. Beloved BA’BA’ told him to listen carefully and asked him to spell out those words?

Then he revealed the words, ‘BA’BA’ NAM KEVALAM”. Hence forth this will be the kiirtan tune for you all to sing and dance.

Beloved BA’BA’ asked whether he likes to sing this tune? Acaryajii said, yes BA’BA’.

On the same day, many margiis present organized kiirtan for 3 hours near the car parking place of Amjharia forest rest house. During this 3 hours Kiirtan,it is a fact that Beloved BA’BA’s car started moving towards the kiirtan mantap due to strong devotional attraction.

There Beloved BA’BA’ gave some hints how to perform Kiirtan and what type of Dance is to be danced etc.

Later Beloved BA’BA’ explained that whatever eatables surrounding the mantap must be closed and kept. So when performing Kiirtan, there will be attraction of many Devayoniis now.

This incident was narrated by  Duty bearing margii, Shrii Jagannathji from Daltanganj District who was also witness to the incident mentioned above.

[if any more authenticated article about invention of BABA NAM KEVALAM will be released]