During the dark days of the emergency in India 1975 to 1976, our organization Proutist Forum of India, a socio-cultural organization was banned by the government of India. Subsequently all its public fronts such as UPSF, UPIF, UPLF, UPFF, and UPYF were also banned.
On the 22nd of March the banning order was revoked and again the organization started work and coordinated their work throughout the country. In a short span of time the organization got the same speed that it had before the emergency.
The organization with its universal outlook could not confine itself within the boundaries of India, but a new international organization named Proutist Universal was formed with its world head office in Copenhagen, to propogate the ideals of PROUT. At the same time all the 5U’s were transformed into international organizations.
Why 5 U’s?
Politics is the science of administration and guidance of the society. Politics in the Proutist definition is socio ethics with a definite social program for the welfare of the people. Nowadays the politics has become business and power mongery. The ruling class exploits the other sections of the society. In such circumstances it is essential to organize an international non-political movement to liberate the oppressed, suppressed and depressed masses and to create a congenial atmosphere so as to create a congenial atmosphere so as to create a better way of living and finally to merge with the higher values of life.
Therefore each of the peoples fronts has got its definite program to serve the people.
There is a human cry that the students are becoming indisciplined everywhere. The centre of education is becoming the center of violence. To blame the students will not solve the problems but the root of the problem must be searched out and the solution to it found. In this connection UPSF strongly suggests that the educational institutions should be free from any kind of party politics. The government should only be the financial body and the entire management should go in the hands of the university management body as well as the students bodies.
Program for Student Federation:
1. Free education should be provided up to the University level.
2. The present education should be modified.
3. Reorientation of the educational system based on spiritual culture.
The Labour Federation Union should be free from any influence of any political party. The labourers should form their unions themselves and with their own office bearers.
Programs for Labour Federation:
1. Essential commodities should be provided at cheap rate.
2. Labour consumers cooperative stores should be opened.
3. Bonus and other basic facilities.

The political parties exploit the youth for their own political purposes and when their interest is over they forget the basic problems. Hence out of frustration the youth adopt unexpected methods to destroy the peace of the society.
Program of the Youth Federation
The government should provide employment or give unemployment allowance, although this last is not acceptable as a solution to the problem of youth. Vocational education based on the economic planning and the need of the people should be arranged.
The land should be reorganized on the basis of production. There should be producers and consumers cooperatives. Irrigation, power tractors, fertilizers and seed facilities should be provided in underdeveloped areas. Investigation of methods on a long term ecological basis should be undertaken and the results should be put into practice for the benefit of all, not taking into account narrow or profit motives. Agro and agroic industries should be installed.
The intellectuals should be provided social security. The income tax should be abolished. Proper atmosphere should be provided to enable them to express their potentialites for the benefit of the society. It is further advisable that all unions, cooperatives and public management should be kept away from the political parties.
There should be full scope to gear up the respective trade. Therefore it is the responsibility of every conscious person to educate every section of the society for their better future. In this way no one should feel that his life has become a burden on the society. In this form we can form a new society where individual liberty and collective welfare should promote world fraternity and a new spiritual humanism.