( Progressive Men’s Spiritual Association )

Today the entire human society is groping in the dark and it is almost on the verge of destruction. Man is standing on the brink of a tremendous crisis. In order to avert this crisis, many organizations, insti­tutions, societies and missions have been established. Despite the existence and establishment of these associations, a little significant has been made. Seeing this fiasco the P. M. S. A.. ( Progressive Men’s spiritual Association) a new spiritual move­ment which is the harbinger of pure and perfect Renaissance in all over the globe has been introduced by the universal man.

Man is a divine child. He can no longer be called if he is satisfied with only carnal pleasure like an animal. So, there must be a especially in man. Man should practice spiritual sadhana in this human frame-work. This spiritual practice saves him from becoming an animal in human disguise. Then only will he be called a progressive man. Neither science nor intellectuality provides real peace of mind for the human being. Where there is no peace, there is no progress in its true sense Physical science provides only physical happiness, case and comforts. On the intellectual level too, there is no solution to the problem. While solving one problem, another problem crops up and disturbs the mind. Therefore there is no ultimate peace on the intellectual plane. Progress is only achieved on the path to perfection. So he alone can be called a progressive man who directs all his efforts towards the achievement of the Supreme One, who is beyond the bondage of time, place and person ; no limitation, no change, nothing of the sort. Until and unless the human society embraces spiritua­lity as its base and ultimate aim, it can never be progressive in the true sense of the term. Henceforth, Progressive Men’s Spiritual Association aims to establish society in perfection by means of rendering all sorts of services winch may be helpful for its enhancement. P. M. S. A. wants a total change.

And the man who is striving advance from animality to spirituality can alone bring change in society.

For him morality is the base, intution is the way and life divine is the goal. Those who have taken these ideals on the base of their life can easily launch a spiritual move­ment and establish the ”Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man 1″ This sort of spiritual quest will help man to become the Divine child who will realise this— “that this all is verily Brahma and ‘That I am.”

The sole objectives of PMSA may be summarised as below :—

  • To establish a well-knit society free from all sorts of narrow sentiments i. e. communalism, Casteism and paroachia-lism etc.
  • To fight against alJ dogmatism, hypo­crisy and all the other fissiparous tendencies prevalent in the present human society
  • To help bring about the trifarious upliftment of human being in all respects.
  • To foster the feeling of ‘One and indivisible society’ in the universal mind through psycho-spiritual practice.
  • To adopt a humanitarian outlook through ideological and psychological changes.

* To help every individual to become great benefactor to society by in him in the path of supreme and ei


* To work for the establishment of society based on universal humanism.

* To encourage everyone to do some for the universal being through sadhana, service and sacrifice

* To enhance the progress of society through this spiritual movement.

* To encourage utilization of human abilities i. e. art, architecture & science etc. for the betterment of society.