Excerpts from Bábá’s Neo-Humanism – the Liberation of Intellect

In the beginning the practice of “Spiritual Cult” may occur only by route. 

But soon, as a consequence of sustained effort, the Neo-humanist becomes aware that, indeed, each and every particle of the Universe is another form of Consciousness. 

For the Neo-Humanist everything has equal existential value, because everything is ultimately a Divine manifestation.

In the second stage of Neo-Humanism, “Spirituality in Essence”, the Neo-Humanist has understood that in all directions, within and without, everywhere there is only one Supreme Being. This realization is of tremendous value, but it is not the Desideratum of life, for still this realization remains solely on the Intellectual plane – still a sense of separation persists.

However, in the third stage of Neo-Humanism, the Neo-Humanist discovers the affectionate game which the Supreme Being has been playing with him/her. That game is often called “hide and seek” and it has been going on since time immemorial.

It would surely continue for all time to come; but when real Devotion awakens within the heart of a Spiritual Aspirant, when he/she cannot bear the agony of Separation any longer, when he/she feels the intense urge to become one with the Beloved, so much so that even one minute seems too long for them to be apart, then & then only for that most fortunate Individual — does the Game come to an end and complete Union is achieved.

It is this Awakening of Real Devotion, and the Blissful Mission which that Devotion inspires, that constitutes the third and final stage of Neo-Humanism.

The first two stages of Neo-Humanism are primarily internal in nature.

In “Spirituality as a CULT”, the individual seeks to progress towards the Supreme by systematic application of the technical associated with a Devotional Cult.

Although the external world is directly benefited by your Service of the Neo-Humanist, at this stage the primary factor is nevertheless, the inner development of the Individual.

With “Spirituality in ESSENCE”, one can note a progressive metamorphosis of the principles which guide humanity in both the individual and the collective spheres of Existence.

Naturally, these principles — particularly the principle of Social Equality — provides greater assistance in respect to overcoming all the social injustices which already exists, as well as which may crop up in the future.

However, once again, this second stage of Neo-Humanism is primarily internal in nature, for those principles effect only the psychological or Psycho-spiritual bearing of the Individual and the collectivity. 

In the third stage if Neo-Humanism, “Spirituality as a Mission”, Neo-Humanism is finally given unlimited scope to operate in the external sphere.

 In fact, at this stage, the inner and outer expression of life becomes merged. Service to GOD and Service to this Universe are felt to be one and the same thing.

With the attainment of Spirituality as a Mission, there emerges a sweet synthesis between the internal and external worlds – a perfect parallelism between Introversial and extroversial aspects of Human existence.


And when this surging Neo-Humanism overflows in all directions, has made everything seem Sweet and Blissful, when Spirituality as a Mission has brought about a joyful and harmonious union between individual and collective life, then this earth indeed becomes a real heaven to the Neo-Humanist. 

Spirituality as a Mission is the pinnacle of achievement in Individual life, the final state of Supreme fulfillment.

But, though the Goal of one’s existence can never become static.

Rather, the on going effort to convert the external world into a more and more congenial environment for the sustenance and development of all the creature of this Universe, the effort to embrace the entire Cosmos and to make it a truly Blissful paradise will certainly capture the imagination, and challenge the full potential of Humanity for all time to come.

Today Human kind is in despair — people worry too much about their imperfections.

In this final and Supreme Neo-Humanistic status, the Individual will not recognize any personal limitation.

On the contrary, he/she will announce, “I am a Neo-Humanistic being and I destined to do Great work – for that very reason I have come to this planet”.

In one voice, the Neo-Humanist of the Universe will boldly proclaim, “We have taken Birth to perform Great deeds for the Physical Welfare of all; for the Physical Happiness of all; for the Spiritual Elevation of all.

We will lead everyone from the darkness to light, from bondage to Liberation.