You see, as far as spiritual elevation is concerned, there is no difference between the householder or family man, and the renunciate.

It is really a question of sincerity in spiritual practice.

But the task of the family man is more difficult: he has to serve both his small family and his Universal Family.

For the renunciate there is only the Universal Family to serve, but the family man must always maintain a balance between his small family and his large Family. He cannot neglect either one.

But I must add, that for him in whom the spirit of dedication to the Universal Family has arisen, the path of renunciation alone is suitable.

A family man cannot serve the Universal Family 100 percent(one hundred percent); he must attend as well to his small family.

To dedicate oneself completely to the service of the Universal Family, one must follow the life of a renunciate(Tattvika/Acarya/Avadhuta/Purodha).

Family devotees of the Marga certainly had the qualifications for mission work but as they had to look after their own families as well, it was not possible for them to devote much of their time for social work.

Therefore, Marga Gurudeva in looking towards the dynamic future of the mission established the monastic order in 1960/1.

In May of 1961/2, the first monk (Avadhuta) was ordained.