Today we have 25 such MG Quarters in India(Delhi sector) and 16 in other sectors of the Globe. We all know that in the early day, Beloved Baba used to stay in our own Jagrtis or in the houses of sincere and devoted margiis during His tours for DMC’s. As the Organization started growing, it became impossible for Beloved Baba to carry out HIS activities staying in any margii’s house.

Therefore, from 1982 onwards, Beloved Baba started staying in HIS own house called MG Qtrs, during HIS Visits.

Once Beloved Baba told HE would leave strong spiritual vibratoins where ever BABA had stayed even for an hour or a day.

Even today, as per HIS instructions, MG Qtrs are to be materialized up to diocese level in phases. Even today, we keep HIS urn(Asthikalash) in one room of the house.

MG Qtrs should consist of 4 rooms, a kitchen, a hall(Dhyana room) and a plot for garden.

Beloved Baba entered Madhu Malainca(Lake Gardens, Calcutta) on 4th March, 1979.

Beloved Baba composed 3749 Prabhat Samgiita, gave Microvita Sadhana to 147 Sadhakas(spiritual aspirants), Avadhuta Diiksa to 570 whole timers and personal contacts in thousands.

Likewise Beloved Baba entered Madhu Koraka(Tiljala, Calcutta) on 17 May 1981. Baba composed 602 Prabhata Samgiita and gave Avadhuta Diiksa to 215 whole timers and Microvita Sadhana to 8 sadhakas(spiritual aspirants).

Beloved BABA conducted 19 DMC’s in Calcutta city from Ashviini Purnima 1955 to 1st January 1987.

Beloved BABA when shifted from Jamalpur to Ananda Nagar on 31st December, 1966 in Madhu Karnika(Central Ananda Nagar), there were two rooms were constructed for His stay on the bank of the river Daksina.  Later on, 2 more rooms with a Kitchen were constructed on the ground floor.

Beloved Baba composed 142 Prabhata Samgiita and conducted 14 DMC’’s in Ananda Nagar.

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