[NAVA PRABHAT monthly Newsletter of PROUTISTIC UNIVERSAL] – Oct-Nov 1978.
INDIA TODAY (a monthly journal) – correspondent relentlessly pursued Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii for an interview but HIS continued detention made it impossible. Ultimately, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii’s personal assistant, Acarya Ramananda Avadhuta who was a regular visitor to the jail agreed to present a set of questions to Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii.
Ac Ramananda Avt reported back: “Ba’ba’ never agrees for interview but in your case, your questionnaire though most critical was unusually welcomed by HIM.”
The following is Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii’s reply to our questionnaire.
Q. How do YOU feel about the verdict of the High Court? While millions of your followers the world over celebrated the day of “Victory of Dharma”, YOU did not express any reaction and one of your followers explained that since you are Nirbikar(passionless) you received this news coolly. Is it a fact YOU never react to anything and if so why?
A. Victory of Dharma is a natural phenomenon. Everything natural should be accepted with normal coolness.

Q. Your followers allege that YOU and your organization have been a victim of a calculated malicious propaganda by a certain agency aimed at destroying your organization. Much damage has been caused to your organization during the past seven years during which YOU were in jail. Now, if you are acquitted of all charges how do you plan to remove mis-understanding from public mind to re-establish your Organization?
A. We will be doing our humanitarian duties with subjective approach and objective adjustment.

Q. Much confusion on YOU was created in the past because of lack of communication between YOU and the general public. Do you now think it is proper to have public contact so that the confusion does not persist? Why have YOU lived a secluded life in the past?
A. There is no necessity of my coming in public contact because actual social service is rendered by the workers of the organization. I simply assist the workers.

Q. The speed with which Ananda Marga has spread in the west and attracted a large number of people, has created misgivings that it is being supported or sponsored by some foreign agencies. More over, your attack on KGB and CBI in the past without mentioning the name of CIA has added to the confusion. What have YOU to say to this allegation?
A. I do not know if CIA did any harm to Ananda Marga. If the same is brought to MY notice will certainly condemn them. I have got no weakness for any organization. Good people should always be supported and bad condemned in unambiguous language.

Q. It was alleged that you wanted to captuer political power and establish Sadvipra Raj in the world. No doubt this was refuted in the court but at the same time the books referred to in the court during trial confirmed this view in which you have said, “Violence is the essence of life”? How do you explain the fact?
A. What I said in the court is final. The word I use is Sadvipra Samaj and not Sadvipra Raj. Raj is a microscopic fractioin of Samaj. My view regarding violence has already been clarified by ME. It is not always Himsa. My interpretation of violence can co-exist with Ahimsa.

Q. Do YOU have any political ambitions? Do YOU feel that unless corruption was removed the society would not be of your liking? And how do YOU want to establish that kind of society? Unless YOU take active part in politics, is it possible?
A. I have got no political ambition. I have propounded the theory of PROUT for the welfare of human society. This theory will be materialized by those who love it.

Q. What is your opinion about democracy?
A. Democracy can be successful only where the following essential factors are present at least amongst 51% of the voters morality, literacy and socio-economic-political consciousness. Otherwise it is an instrumental to befool the public.