1. There may be physical objects subtler than electrons or positrons and there may be psychic entities subtler than ectoplasm and its extra-psychic coverage(endoplasm).

2. Microvita, as physicality is concerned, are in between ectoplasm and electron.

3. They are not protoplasmic and thus are neither protozoic nor metazoic.

4. Microvita are of varying subtlety/density:

 a. Virus: Microvita that are visible in the microscope can travel from one celestial body to another responsible for the creation of life by creating a stir in the physical structure

b. Yaks’a: Microvita visible due to their actional expression. Functions in the sensory via inferential vibrations(tanmatras) and therefore move within the human mind. Instrumental in increasing desire to accumulate wealth. Is the cause of imperialism (psychic disease) and in-humanitarian thinking and thus is the psychological basis of capitalism.

c. Subtlest form: It is seen via a special type of perception which is the reflection of a special type of conception within the perceptual range in a limited sphere. Felt and realized by highly developed, spiritually oriented minds who use them to spread ideas.

5. Microvita move everywhere and are not hindered by any celestial object or by atmospheric conditions.

6. Microvita have the traits of living, dying and multiplying.

7. Microvita can move through many media at a time.

8. The virus a diseased man moves through his “sound”, tactuality, forms, smell, ideas etc.

9. Due to their movement microvita can create minds and bodies and destroy anywhere in the universe.

10. Microvita are the creation of Saincara, not Prati-Saincara.

11. With the development of the “Conceptional faculty” microvita will be known.

12. Krimi: Exist, die, multiply; related to carbon atoms and molecules; can only survive in a certain type of atmosphere;live, grow, and decay within the scope of the five bhutas(fundamental factors). Microvita: Exist, die, multiply; unlike krimi and other psychic beings are not direclty related to carbon atoms; can survive anywhere;function within the realm of the five tanmatras(inferences).

13. If the noumenal cause of disease is not found, pesticides will not prevent the total pollution of the earth.

14. Circular microvita function within the scope of the conscious mind(kamamaya Kosa) and their good thoughts can check negative microvita.

15. Intellectually and spiritually advanced people can destroy and resist negative microvita, but as long as sinful people create new negative microvita in their psychic sphere the danger always remains.

16. The air around a Margosa (neem) tree destroys the effects of bacteria and negative microvita. Types of Microvita (Devayonis)

 a. Yaks’a

b. Gandharva: microvita that arouse love for the fine arts intoxicate the mind and keep it absorbed in the rhythm and ideation of music and dance, thus thoughts of the external world are suspended in subtler worlds. Primarily friendly.

c. Kinnara microvita that create the desire for beautification and decoration of the human body. Those microvita that lead the mind towards purity and beautification to merge in the Supreme are friendly.

d. Vidyadhara create the urge to attain noble, good qualities. If they direct one towards noble deeds and praising of Him, they are friendly microvita. If they direct one towards name, fame, etc. they are enemy microvita.

e. Prakrtiliina cause one to rush towards crude pleasures.

People who don’t

I) keep sattvika company

II) study the scriptures

III) have devotion, are susceptible to these microvita which crudify the mental structure.

f. Videhaliin create restless urges and ultimately lead one away from Him. Due to their thirst for material gain they misdirect and confuse the mind.

g. Siddha enable one to rise beyond the physical and psychic sphere into the “world of cognition”. Fulfill spiritual desires like renunciation. Visnu’s Sudarshan Cakra is a symbolic name for these microvita.

17. Microvita are not human creations but Cosmic Creations.

18. Unlike carbonic matter, microvita require space only in theory, not in physicality.

19. Microvita is of non-carbonic origin as when billions of microvita are “solidified” a carbon atom is formed which is generally (compositionally) heterogeneous and rarely homogeneous.

20. All atoms are composed of microvita, a number of atoms make a molecule and a number of molecules make an element, which are of two types: homogeneous or heterogeneous.

21. An atom internally can be both of a homogeneous or heterogeneous character, whereas a molecule is primarily heterogeneous internally and homogeneous externally.

22. If protoplasmic nuclei are split, the energy released is greater than in nuclear reactions, therefore the body possesses an enormous amount of energy.

23. One day an omega of mathematics will coincide with an omega of biochemistry.

24. All carbonic substances have a mind associated with the physical structure.

25. In animate objects the mind is expressed as there is endoplasmic coveage, whereas in inanimate objects this is not so.

26. The mind always requires carbonic and non-carbonic pabula.

27. If carbonic pabula predominates, prama riddhi is disrupted and the mind becomes crude, whereas the opposite occurs if non-carbonic pabula is dominant.

28. Carbonic pabula maintain the physical structure and non-carbonic pabula maintain the psychic structure.

29. If one becomes engrossed in carbonic pabula, (1) the arena of carbonic pabula will increase and the mind drifts towards crude matter. (2) one’s mind will think of devouring others’ carbonic pabula.

30. The latter is the cause of imperialism, a psychic disease of various forms like socialism, linguism, communism, and capitalism.

31. Imperialism attracts negative microvita which pervades all walks of life and develops a psychology based on inferiority complex, complex pseudo-culture, psycho-economic exploitation and religious indoctrination.

32. With the aid of non-carbonic pabula people will increase psychic penetration into inter/intra atomic space (i.e. micro-psychic conation) and will powder down ectoplasms and transform them into “cognitive faculto-factors”.

33. Khamurti (luminous bodies) are beyond the range of cameras or tape recorders, and may grant spiritual wishes using Siddha Microvita.

34. The process of getting cures from gods/saints is nothing but the play of the consious, subconscious and unconscious minds.

35. Smell particles are formed out of hormones.

36. If the foul smell is removed from vegetables, (to be continued).