A Central Committee of Renaissance Universal(RU) was organized at the Trimohan Dharma Maha Cakra, INDIA. The members were:

Ram Tanuk Singh, Adv. —- Chief Secretary
Amulya Ratan Sarangi, I. A. S. —- Member
Prof. Indradev Gupta, Katihar—- Member
Prof. Raghunath Prasad, Gorakhpur—-  Member
Devi Chand Sharma, Agr. scientist—-   Member
Dharmendra Rao, Agricultural scientist—- Member
Miss Rama Asthana—- Member

It was decided to open RU clubs in various cities with regular monthly meetings, debates on solutions to various problems. Clubs were opened at different universities and colleges around the country. Meetings and symposiums were held in Delhi, Allahabad, Jaipur, Patna, Ranchi, Calcutta and other important cities. Cosmic Society, a bi¬monthly magazine, was also published giving direction and shape to the new movement.

PRECEPTOR SHRII P.R.SARKAR gave RU Discourses in most of the DMC’s as its Chairman. Every lecture was scholarly and purposeful. These lectures covered many topics about complex problems and their solutions. These discourses were compiled in the series A Few Problems Solved.
In the Inaugural speech at Trimohan, PRECEPTOR BA’BA’ discussed many problems and solutions of the society. The speech was published as ” Problems of the Day “, a short book.