by ÁCÁRYA SamanvayAnanda AVADHÚTA

In 1961, Nityanandajii, a senior margi in Jamalpur, was devoting much of his time for the organization, as there were no wholetimers. One day when I had come to have BA’BA’’s darshan, I discovered that we were very few persons in the ashram. Suddenly Nityananda Dada came and told us, “BA’BA’ is going to give a special SÁDHANÁ, but there will be certain conditions.” I asked, “What’s that condition?” He replied, “One has to renounce.” I immediately said, “I am ready to renounce.” He was surprised, and went to tell BA’BA’ about my offer.

BA’BA’ was so kind to accept me at this advanced age, after sixteen years of government service and under complete bondage of the world. No bondage can stand, when the grace of the GURU is showered on you. Even as I write this, my hair still stands on end. How gracious was BA’BA’ to accept me for Avadhúta Diksha. There were Avadhúta rules which one had to follow, renouncing everything for a year and doing only spiritual service.

I went to Madras to perform my spiritual service. In July 1962, I was called telegraphically to Jamalpur. When I entered the ashram I was surprised to see Nityanandajii in a Sannya’sin ’s dress, Avadhúta dress, turban on the head, gown on the body with a lungi underneath, all of saffron color. He looked so beautiful. I laughed and asked “Dada, what has happened to you?” Then he introduced himself, “I am Satyananda Avadhúta now. I have been initiated as Avadhu’ta. It is your turn now.” This was the first time when people of ÁNANDA MÁRGA could see a sannya’sin of their own organization in their ashram.

Then, fortunately, in July 1962, I was initiated as an Avadhúta. Satyananda Dada was made In-charge of the organization and I was sent to Ranchi. We had then only two JAGRTIS, one two-roomed quarter with a fence in Jamalpur, and the other a one-room quarter at Ranchi. An additional room was under construction. After coming to Ranchi, BA’BA’ gave me enough chance to do SÁDHANÁ.

Really, BA’BA’ graced me with many opportunities to do day and night SÁDHANÁ . I underwent many spiritual research experiences. This was all by the grace of BA’BA’, and nothing else.