D.M.C Tiljala, February 1 – 4, 1985

An Enlightening Experience 

Those of us who reside in the Tiljala complex could never have imagined that over 20,000 people could be accommodated within it’s perimeter will — Not only were they accommodated, they were blissfully accommodated due to the divine presence of our Beloved Baba.

Many people said, that all their pains and afflictions, their worries and apprehensions simply evaporated as soon as Bábá drove through the main gate and settled down in His house for the four day prolonged DMC program.

Everyone agreed that this DMC was the best, the most enlightening, the most inspiring. As never before many young men and women came forward to sacrifice their lives for our for-reaching ideology, by becoming whole timers and many qualified people offered their services in helping us start many new schools throughout India.

The most blissful occasions during the program were the darshans and discourses of our Beloved BA’BA’. In His presence we all felt intense spiritual joy, deep spiritual love. We all gained added enthusiasm and renewed vigor to quickly establish our Mission.

The following are some of the high lights of this DMC:

  1. Special R.P.Program
  2. Ananda Márga Global Medical Conference
  3. DMC Procession gets front-page coverage
  4. The General Secretary meets the margiisa) Plants

    b) Prabháta Saḿgiita, Neo-Humanism, Varna Vijinana/Vicitra

    c) Schools, Initiations

    d) Relief

  1. Special R.P.Program -   This is program caused a wave of excitement to pass through the DMC congregation, as Beloved Bábá’ had announced that fruit trees were to be distributed to margiis from a total of 76 different economic zones around India. What a perfect application of the theory of Neo-Humanism. 

Every day thousands of margiis could be seen queuing up outside Bábá’ house to receive their share of the 40,000 fruit trees which were distributed. The trees included lemons, lime, orange, mango, lichi, guava, acid lime, sweet lemon, betel nut and bananas, Bábá Himself selected different trees for different economic zones according to the climate, soil fertility, economic condition and market prospects etc and even prescribed certain types of manure for the different varieties.

Beloved BABA was very concerned that the plants should be put to any trouble, that they should be treated as one’ s own children, with intense love and affection. Those margiis who carried one to two fruit trees back to their respective places felt, therefore, that they had received a very special blessing from Bábá’.