[some so called family margiis not in general infuse wrong notions to discriminate and prove there sadhana, there dress, there rights, their life styles, their living standard, their apperance, there conduct etc are more better than wt's of Beloved Ba'ba' - beware of such margiis]

Defectors and stooges of AMPS are moving in different towns and cities to make contact with the Ananda Margiis, AM wt’s and different Ananda Marga units.

Forget not, that their sole aims are to  –

Create rift among the Margiis & wt’s following the structure,

Confusion among the wt’s dadas and didis etc

Spread false rumours amongst their conduct to dismantle image of AM wt’s, ideological margiis and de-structure the Baba’s pillars in AM.

And dismember the whole organization.

Beware of those degraded renegades. They are actively helping global anti-organizational minded secret groupist through email scam and collecting information about you and your mission not as your friend but as your foe.