{These are based on the memories of the medicine and other information regarding health which Beloved Baba has revealed in various occasions to all whole timers, dedicated margiis, duty bearing margiis who have heard from BELOVED Baba on different occasions, mostly field walks. Since they are based on their memories there could be some mistakes. This cannot be taken as authentic unless they are independently verified by experimenting. If any positive result is observed please inform the local unit of AMPS, so that we make observation that these medicines have been tested and found effective. Some of the information given are partial as that is all we could get from the source. In some cases they also perceived only partial information from Baba. Any new information in furthering this treasure is most welcome.}

Acidity Ashes of yellow leaf of Akhvan and 25% of lahiri [Senda] salt is very effective.    [Jai Prakash Bhai]

Amebeosis About 50 gm of curd should be mixed with a glass water [warm in cold season]. Churn it well with two spoons of a mixture of 50 gm of dried ginger powder, 100 gm of rock salt [saendava Lavan and 200 gm of misri and drink it in empty stomach. [Viireshvaranandaji]

For acute cases- Crack the shell of of a Bel fruit and heat it in fire untill the shell is dark. Remover the inside pulp from and eat it when hungry and while thirsty make a very diluted solution of the same pulp and drink it. for 21 days. Eat nothing else. ( I tried it on Shuddhatmananda and found it to be very effective – very effective – Viireshvaranandaji)

Anaemea 1-2 spoons of juice of Helenca leaf is to be taken daily in the morning causes the formation blood in the body. For normal people also taking it once a while boiled with moong dal is good. [Ac.Satchianandan Mandal, Abhayananda]

Raw banana, banana flower, drum stick, drum stick flower and leaf, Gullar [Sanskrit] , Battava  [Hindi]- all these help in increasing red corpuscles. [Rajagopalji]

Make pills out of Chandan Tulasi or Krsna Tulasi. Take one glass of lukewarm water and add one Tulasi pill [either of it] and one drop of honey. Mix and drink at night after attending natures call and just before sleep. One should avoid going to attend natures call so as to avoid exposing the body. [To make the Tulasi pill- Wash the leaves and shake out all water and dry it in a room and not sun. 8-10 leaves make one pill].[Didi Karuna]

For those who don’t have sufficient blood in the body. Dry Kulehara sak and powder it. Soak 3-4 spoons of it in water at night and next morning drink it in empty stomach. Same can be done with Helencha sak. But Kulehara is better than Helencha.(Abhayananda)

Soak ½ spoon of Methi in water for 24 hrs and drink that water. Also chew 10 –15 grains of that and eat for 15 days. [Told to Didi Ananda Gayatri] [It also cures Thelsemic patient with acute anaemea according to Dr.Varsha Mankad’s experience]

Arthritis Soak mattar dal in water well for about one-two days and grind it well. Take a hand full of Parvals leaf [about 100 pcs] and half that quantity of Kalmeg’s leaf and grind them together. Mix the ground Dal and leaf together and dry it. Make pills out that. Take two pills with 2-3 drops of pure honey and take it in empty stomach for about 3 months. [found to be very effective]. [Sarvatmanandaji]

Asthma -Inherited from maternal side. —-Babul Tulasi juice taken with honey [Mahendarji]- [Also published in Shabda cayanika.]

In 1/2 lt. of water mix 100 gms of Talmisri, some small cardamom, some clove and Jesht’ha Madhu, pepper powder and boil and make it into 200 gms. Take that 3 times a day. [Prabhat Khan]

The house of ant of the Tulasi plant to be put in amulet and tied around the neck.[Dilp Da]

Malai is good. In winter bath in lukewarm water, Drink at least 1 kg of pure milk. Eat supper immediately after sunset. Take only juice of Palan sak [not sak, only juice] and carrot. [Ac.Vijayananda Avt.]

Take Amla churna or Rasa of raw Amla mixed with honey in empty stomach. [Subala Didi]

Get dried bark of neem tree -the bark that has naturally dried in the tree itself- remove it and powder it after cleaning. Mix it with honey and lick it at least 3  times a day. [Baba's formula heard from someone by Citpavananda Avt. and found to be very effective.]

Powder dry banyan leaf and add one spoon of honey in empty stomach. [Nawalji- Betiah]

Take one spoon of juice of Sajan [the veriety which gives fruit only in the season] in empty stomach in the morning.