The Ananda Marga Tribal & Backward People’s Welfare Centre

ANANDA MARGA as its name signifies the Path leading to Anandam, which literally implies the state of eternal Bliss. Anandam means a state beyond the perception of pain and pleasure, well and woe; a balanced state unaffected by any stimuli.

In the quinquelemental world everybody wants to relief from suffering. But no one can get relief from economic bondages, social injustice, physical handicaps and mental complexes without an effort. A systematic and scientific effort to obtain total liberation from all bondages physically, mentally and spiritually is called spiritual sádhana, rather the practice of spiritual science or the Path of Infinite Bliss.

The socio-spiritual organization named Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha was founded in 1955 by Preceptor Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, alias Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii. It is a registered organization dedicated to the cause of suffering humanity, irrespective of caste, creed and color. Its main objective is spiritual upliftment of the human beings, but it renders social service to the people by opening schools, colleges, dispensaries, relief work at the time of natural calamities etc. It has been serving tribal people in different ways by helping them to improve their standard of living, and thereby lead a life like other advanced people of the society.

At present, Ananda Marga is serving the people in different ways throughout the world. The scientific socio-spiritual philosophy of Preceptor Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii, as well as the practical process of spiritual science are being followed by the people in almost 250 countries throughout the globe. The dedicated workers are serving the people with missionary zeal, for their physical, mental and spiritual development.

SOME YEARS BACK Ananda Marga obtained the beautiful and peaceful place named ANANDA SHILA, Ananda Shila, sponsored by Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha is located at 28 miles west of Ranchi city on the Ranchi- Khelari road. Ananda Shila consists of 104 acres rich farmland, in the lap of forest, well served by a serpentine river. Ananda Shila is surrounded by beautiful hills and natural sceneries. The place is, due to its peaceful environments and special history especially valuable for spiritual aspirants (in ancient age many saints and sadhakas were living and performing sádhana in this area.

ANANDA SHILA is surrounded by tribal people. Anyhow they are maintaining their existence by small farming. There are no hospitals, proper schools or industry in the area. The rate of unemployment of such illiterate people is very high. Due to illiteracy, poverty and a lack of social security and proper resources, these people are facing great difficulties in maintaining their existence. They are an easy victim of political as well as religious exploitation.

Considering the foresaid problems of these people, the socio spiritual Mission from the very beginning came forward to serve the people unconditionally in different ways. Especially schools, homes, hostels, medical aid   and general relief were essential services to be rendered.

Since the beginning upto 1973 the ANANDA SHILA TRIBAL AND BACKWARD PEOPLE’S WELFARE CENTRE developed with many activities. A children’s Home for poor and destitute children, Free Hostel for tribal children, Cheap Hostel, Charitable Dispensary, an English Medium School attended by 50 children, a Jagrti for meditation, buildings for worker’s residence and offices, agricultural farm as well as dairy farm and bee keeping industry were all smoothly functioning at Ananda Shila before the promulgation of Emergency in India in the year 1975.

But during the period of Emergency, in the year 1975/1976, when Ananda Marga was banned, the then Indian government forcibly stopped all the activities of Ananda Shila, and demolished all the buildings, At the same time the workers posted there were tyrannically tortured and put into the jail.

AFTER LONG INTERVAL the reconstruction of Ananda Shila Tribal & Backward People’s Welfare Centre has started. Acarya Satyananda Avadhuta has been given the duty of re-establishing the old activities as well as starting new global level plans and programmes at Ananda Shila. Ac Satyananda Avadhuta is the first whole time worker as well as senior most Avadhuta of Ananda Marga, serving the organization from the very beginning in the year 1955. He was also in jail custody with Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii for the last 7 years.

IN ADDITION TO re-establishing the old activities, there will be a starting of Global Basic Training Centre for INPRO(industry products), FARPRO(farm products) and AMUS(Ananda Marga Universal Stores), where spiritual and social philosophy, co-operative training, farming(agri-dairy), small scale industry as well as commercial education will be given. Furthermore a Guesthouse as well as Meditation center will be built, where spiritual aspirants from all over the world can be benefited from the especially peaceful, natural and spiritually elevating environments.