“BHAKTI BHAKTASYA JIIVANAM”(absolutely Original Hindi Discourse)


Date & Place unknown, INDIA

[translated by me, with much difficulty this very rare and precious discourse, which u can't find in EE 5/6/7 in your life time, go through, MAY BABA BLESS all of you to do something practical for society in your respective fields as prescribed by Beloved Sadguru for Universal Welfare right from this moment and do something concrete for this bleeding society without any if's and but's and not just with emails and so called blogs, enough with theory do something in practice to establish BABA's mission]

*WORDS IN ITALICS – BABA SPOKE IN ENGLISH* I have put only a few sentences because many family margiis and wt’s may use  this ideas in their own name and fame for selfish reason.

Today’s subject of discourse is “Bhakti Bhaktasya Jiivanam”.

In this entire universe, every object has attraction for one another that is attraction is a very natural action.

Here “svabhavika” means “natural”.

The fundamental difference between Prakrtika and Svabhavika is that the prakrti in which way it functions, that is its style of operation, style of applying the functional faculty, it is called nature.

As its natural, there is prakrti’s support in it.

In these, in this attraction, an all-encompassing attraction when its take the final form, we term it as “Bhakti”.

Why this attraction is a natural phenomenon?

Whatever the Prakrti does, its function can’t be well understood, and the reason for this is because Prakrti’s underlying entity is beyond the compass of time, space and person. If at all it comes under the scope of time, space and person, then there the cause and effect theory comes to play.

That which is beyond the scope of time, space & person that is non-causal.

Whatever comes within the scope of time, space, person, there causality comes to effect.

As the nature doesn’t come within the scope of time, space and person, but still it has close intimacy, it has close proximity, an adjustment exist.

But these Prakrti, Operative principle is beyond the scope of time, space and person.


But in future, the human structure will become complex and will be more complicated and at that instance the intuitional practice will be far more easier for this human, but for Vashista, Vishvamitra how much the intuitional practice was difficult, for you all it is not so difficult, because you all there descendants, purva purusa. Your physical structure has become more complex now, and with much ease you can reach at the stage for which Vashista and Vishwamitra had to face lot troubles to reach that stage.

This is the human progress, this is world’s progress, this is what civilization’s progress is.