“1963, 24 FEBRUARY – ÁNANDA SÚTRAM 2-1, 2-2″





SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI dictated the original ÁNANDA SÚTRAM to a close devotees as they sat, in a series of night sessions in 1961, on the tiger’s grave in Jamalpur.
SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI dictated and the devotees used to frequently write by the light of a candle. Sometimes the candle flame was sheltered by a glass drinking tumbler as a sort of makeshift lantern.
ÁNANDA SÚTRAM means, in part, “Aphorisms leading to A’nanda, Divine Bliss”.
The SÚTRA form has been valued over the centuries as a powerful tool for communicating a deep philosophy in a condensed, memorable way.
The literal meaning of SÚTRA is “Thread”, implying that numerous jewels of thought can be strung on a single such thread.
In the best traditions of SÚTRA literature, the Eighty-five (85) SÚTRAS of the book serve, with breathtaking conciseness, as a framework for the entire ÁNANDA MÁRGA Ideology.
Herein SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI has in a few vivid strokes presented humanity with original concepts of Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics and Macrohistory.
BA’BA’ has set out for the first time a Socio-economic approach conceived in the light of a theistic philosophy, blending subjective approach with objective adjustment, that offers the world a well-knit and progressive social system based on economic justice.
BA’BA’ designated ÁNANDA SÚTRAM, together with the complementary book “IDEA AND IDEOLOGY”, as the Darshan Sha’stra (Philosophical Treatise) of ÁNANDA MÁRGA.

ÁNANDA SÚTRAM as a whole has appeared heretofore in English in only one edition, the 1967 translation by Shrii Manohar Gupta (reprinted virtually unedited in 1990).

(In the first sutram, Beloved Ba’ba’ speaks only 31 secs and in second sutram only 28 seconds in Bangla language, so it is to be noted properly here that one must erase the whole Ananda sutram purport from the so called AM publication existing now and in any EE 5/6/7/1000… and put-forth the below explained purport exactly transliterated by hearing the audio by one of your great A or W or FM or FA.

The purport as well as publishers note presently from Ananda sutram books or EE is from vested interest or so called from polished satans could be read and understood to brag their Bangla dom or western dom….)

{This audio starts with one brother saying about this recorded version time and place details – Chaibasa, 8 pm, 24 February, 63.}

Today I shall say regarding ÁNANDA SÚTRAM.

Anukúlavedaniiyaḿ sukham.

If any object or any thought for a man if it is anukulavedaniiya(congenially sympathetic feeling) then he would get happiness.

Then what is anukulavedaniiya(congenially sympathetic feeling)?

From a particular samskara, and from a particular object, there is happiness and from another samskara, from the same object or from the same ideation there is pain.

Ba’ba’ starts to speak in Bangla here, the timing starts from 4:32 and ends here 5:03.

Sukhánuraktih paramá jaeviivrttih –

This desire for happiness, what it is, it is the primary propensity for living/existence and amongst all the propensities, this one is the foremost propensity for living/existence. That is because of this propensity only; all the other propensities are sheltered. This is parama jaevi-vrtti( primary propensity for existence/living).

Tasmáddharma sadákárya sarvavarńae prayatnatah.

Ba’ba starts to speak here in Bangla from 6:58 to 7:26

to be cont..till the tape rolls