LORD OF ALL LORDS (corrected hearing perfectly English and Hindi discourse by typing both parts as it is but still it needs a great devotee to do the perfect job as soon as possible)


5 September 1978, Patna, INDIA

Eśa ha devo pradisho’nu sarváh

Púrvvo ha játah sa u garbhe antah

Sa eva játah sa janiśyamáńah

Pratyaḿ janáḿsttiśt́hati vishvatomukam.

It is that very Entity. He is that very Deva who functions in all the corners of this Universe.

Deva, He is that Deva.

What is Deva?

“Deva” means –

Dyotate kriid́ate yasmádudyate dyotate divi

Tasmád deva iti proktah stúyate sarvadevataeh.

The vibrational manifestations emanating from the Supreme Nucleus are known as “Devatá”, and these “Devatás” address that Supreme Nucleus as “Deva”.

Dyotate kriid́ate yasmádudyate dyotate divi, -

That Supreme Nucleus that is, who is addressed by the term “Deva”, HE with His power vibrates the entire universe, makes the entire universe dance the Táńd́ava; and HE by dint of His Occult and Supra-Occult powers brings back everything unto His lap.

This is the definition of “Deva”, and those rays and pencils of rays coming out from the Nucleus are known as “Devatá”.

Deva is worshipped by the Devatás.

Tvaḿ devatánáḿ paramaḿ ca daevatam

Arthatha, that is, the Devatás address him as Deva, hence HE is Mahádeva, hence He is also known as “Mahádeva”.

Tvamiishvaráńáḿ paramaḿ maheshvaraḿ

Tvaḿ devatánáḿ paramaḿ ca daevatam

Patih patiináḿ Paramaḿ parastád

Vidáma devaḿ bhuvanesham iid́yam.

This Supreme Deva, who is addressed has “Deva” by the “Devatas” is  “iishvaráńáḿ paramaḿ maheshvaram”,

Iishvara means “controller”.

There may be so many controllers in a country, even in a village – controller of stores, controller of ammunitions, controllers of agricultural products.

There may be so many controllers.

Tvamiishvaráńám, they are all Iishvaras.

Dilliishvara, Jagadiishvara ….

During Moghal period sometimes, the “Dilliishvaras”, Lords of Delhi, that is., Moghal Badshah, sometimes they used to forget, rather they were at a loss to find out, the difference between Dilliishvara and Jagadiishvara.

Sometimes they used to think that they are Jagadiishvaras.

Dilliishvara is Jagadiishvara

Tvamiishvaráńáḿ paramaḿ maheshvaraḿ

Amongst those so many iishvaras, so many medium, big and little Iishvaras, Thou art the Maheshvara, Thou art the Iishvara of all Iishvaras, Lord of all lords.

Tvaḿ devatánáḿ paramaḿ ca daevatam,

Just now, I have already said, “You are the Supreme Devatá of all those Devatás;” that is, the Supreme Devatá is Deva or Mahádeva.

Patih Patiináḿ …

There are “deshapati” and so many patis, so many Lords, “Bhupati”- Raja, “Naipati” “deshapati”,

Samskrta “Pati” becomes “ai” in “ Magahii Prákrta” … “bahaniipati” – bahanii + ai = bahanoi)

“deshapati” desha + ai = desái.

So You are the Lord of all lords, You are the King of all kings. Paramaḿ parastád.

Wherever there is some functioning, some action is done or being done, what does happen?

There is a subjective counterpart and another objective counterpart.

When this universe is the object, the Supreme Mind is the subject.

Where the Supreme Mind is the object, Supreme Consciousness is the subject. When you see something, your eyes are the subject and the seen object is the object.

Then again, your eyes are the object and your mind is the subject.

Then again, your mind is the object; your Átman is the subject.

Then again, your Átman is the object; Paramátman is the subject.

So, HE is the Supreme Subject. HE is Para of all paras.

Object is “apara” and subject is “para”. HE is both Paresha and Aparesha.

Vidáma devaḿ bhuvanesham iid́yam

HE is the Deva. HE emanates all the pencils of rays and pencils of vibrations from His infinite body.

One is to know HIM.

HE is respected and decorated and adorned by all in the universe.

Eśa ha Deva, HE is that Deva.

Now Baba’s Hindi transliteration is being done by me.

About Parama Purusa, what has been said that is, this Deva from which everything is what’s happening, and in all the 10 directions, what’s happening is being controlled by HIM. So HE is the foremost as well as the least of least. In shastras(scriptures) it has been about Deva as:

Dyotate kriid́ate yasmádudyate dyotate divi

Tasmád deva iti proktah stúyate sarvadevataeh.

By His vibrations, which are emanated and expressed throughout the universe, throughout the universe the tandava dance that has been taking place, that is what is Deva. From that those vibrations which is emanated, or vibrating, those vibrations are called as Devata. Those Devatas root cause or nabhi cakra or Kendra nabhi is what is known to be as Deva.

Tvamiishvaráńáḿ paramaḿ maheshvaraḿ

Tvaḿ devatánáḿ paramaḿ ca daevatam

You know Iishvara means “controller”, whether it is for small or big action, suppose consider in the ceremony of any marriage, there is also a store in charge of controlling, with whose permission, one can take yogurt or anything from that store, there’ll be one person or not, he is known as store controller.

Whether small, big, in each and every sphere, there is one controller for each. Even with amongst these iishvaras also there is competitions amongst themselves, who is big or small, and with this consideration of big or small, the old as well as aged they play like the young ones.

If one says, I will become Prime Minister, then other say, I shall become Prime Minister.

These are all only the play of young ones. What do you say?

These are only the mental diseases, mental disease.

Tvam iishvaráńáḿ paramaḿ

All these small, medium and big iishvaras, there is one foremost as well as lowest iishvara, who is the Supreme controller called Maheshvara.

Tvaḿ devatánáḿ paramaḿ – you know even Deva is also many, that every emanation which is vibrating in a particular way is Deva, and amongst all that Deva, HE is the Mahadeva.

Tava tattvaḿ na jánámi kiidrshosi Maheshvara

Yádrsho’si Mahádeva tádrsháya namo namah.

A man can only know a microscopic fraction of emanation that is vibrated, not the complete emanation, because the eyes, the ears, or the nose to what extent it can function, that is only a microscopic fraction of that single emanation.

Baba speaks this below sentence in English.

A microcosmic fraction of a particular vibrational expression can be known, can come within the periphery of human knowledge, not more than that.

Tava tattvam na jánámi kiidrsho’si Maheshvara;

Oh Maheshvara, what You are, I do not know, Even it is impossible to know, why because of the limitation of my indriyas ability.

So for these, kiidrsho’si Maheshvara, Aham na janami, “I do not know, but  Yádrsho’si Mahádeva tádrsháya namo namah – but Oh Lord, Whatever You are, I don’t know, what form are You having, but You must have a form of some type. Alas, it is unknown to me. However, whatever You may be, in whatever form You may have assumed, I offer my salutations to You.”

Yádrsho’si Mahádeva tádrsháya namo namah .

Patih patiináḿ

Pati means Mallik.

For Raja, it is said “Ni-pati”, “Desh-pati”, for family head, it is said “Kula-pati”.

Just now, I was saying, that for Samskrta “Pati”, in Prakrta it was known as “aai”.

ka, ta, pa, da, – “pa” was becoming “a”.

Then ‘pa and ta’ both was becoming “aai”, “pati” then becomes “aai”.

Bahani-pati became bahani-aai and in present day language it is bahanaai.

Desha-pati = desha-aai, deshaai, in these way the words are formed.

Dala-pati = dala-aai, dalaai.

Gopinath Bor dalaai, who was the chief minister of Assam.

So dalaai.

You are the King of all kings.

King of all kings – that is “emperor” “King – Emperor”in English, in Saḿskrta “samrát́”.

Pati patinam, Paramaḿ parastád

In every subject, in any entity, in any factor, whether in any mental or physical pursuits, there is always two counterparts – that is one is the subject and other is the object.

Ram is eating the food.

Ram is the subject and the food is the object.

One is subject and other is object.

One is the subjective side and the other is the objective one.

It at all, if we move along this way, the cruder side which is in the objective counterpart, in the subtler phase, it becomes the subjective counterpart.

In similar way, the subtler phase which was subjective counterpart, will then become the objective part in next phase. This is the rule.

You are witnessing these Prapainca, what is prapainca, that is panchabhuta, means all these fundamental factors together. This is what is Jagat.

What you are seeing, that is with the help of eyes, you are seeing. What is eyes, it is subjective counterpart, that is in nominative case and the “jagat” is in the objective counterpart, go one step ahead, then your eyes, what it is, the eyes then it becomes your objective counterpart, and your mind becomes, subjective counterpart.

If only when you wish then only does the eyes can see.

If mind doesn’t wish, then the eyes can’t see, even if eyes is there. Go ahead, here mind becomes the objective counterpart, and atma is subjective counterpart, go ahead there atma is objective counterpart and paramatma is subjective counterpart. Here paramatma will be the last and final subjectivity.

That means — HE is the Supreme Subjectivity – Subjectivity of all subjectivities.

If you are to know, then you are know HIM only and nobody else.

Then Baba starts to speak in English which is below

If you are to know anybody you are to know HIM only.

Now one may raise the question, Such a question may be raised?

That, when I am His object, how can I make Him my object?

When one meditates on Him, then He becomes the Object. When you meditate on Him, You accept Him as your object.

But everything is His object then how can you make Him your object?

Yes, it is a knotty question, but the reply is also very simple. What?

When you meditate on Him, He doesn’t become your object. At that time you are to think that, that Supreme Objectivity is seeing you. HE is seeing you as His object.

Baba starts to speak in Hindi which is below.

When Parama Purusa is in the supreme subjectivity, then how are you making HIM as your object in dhyana, japa.

If you make him object then HE also becomes the subject, you have already in state of subject, YOU ARE SEEING HIM, you are seeing the Paramatma, then HE is your object, for these the answer is that, when you do upasana (meditation), japa and dhyana, during that time, you have to think that – inbetween YOU and HIM, HE is seeing ME, that HE is in the subject counterpart and I am HIS objective counterpart. Only you have to keep this in MIND.

You have to know HIM,

bhuvanesham iid́yam , ii’dyam means “pujaniiyam”, In this quinqelemental world, the most adored entity for HIM, it is said as “Iidya” in older samskrta.

Iishano deva pradishano sarvá -

Baba starts to speak in English.

Just now I said that this Supreme Deva, He functions in all the directions. Pra and Anudisha.

There are ten directions.

North, south, .. North, East, West, South – four clear directions, lateral directions. N-e-w-s – “news”, {With these the news word came – in Hindi}. What you get, what you acquire, what you gather from north, east, west and south is news, n-e-w-s.) and there are four directions: ishán, váyu, agni naerta, – north-east, north-west, south-east and south-west. These four directions.

Now east, west, north, south, up, down, these six lateral directions, are known as “pradisha” in Saḿskrta and those four corner directions are known as “Ańudisha”.

Six pradisha plus four Ańudisha – 6+4=10 – Total ten directions.

HE functions – that Singular Entity functions – in all the ten directions.

Not a single direction is neglected by Him or ignored by Him, and nobody taking shelter in any of those ten directions can avoid His witness.

Lord Buddha said,



If after committing something bad; one tries to hide oneself in antarikśa, that is, antarikśa in Saḿskrta, that is in the sky, na samudra madhaye, not under the not below the water of the sea, na parvatānām.vivaram.praviśya… neither in the caves of the hills, those people won’t find any shelter in the Universe. That Supreme Entity sees everything – Pradhisano sarva.

Now Baba starts to speak in Hindi which is below.

This Mahadeva, this Parama Deva (this supreme deva), that Parama Purusa does function in all 10 directions.

What are these 10 directions?

Púrva, pashcima, uttara, dakśińa, urdhva, adhah – these six directions are called pradisha. And iishána, váyu, agni, naerta – these four corners are called Ańudisha.

6 + 4 = 10, in these 10 directions the function is being done. Amongst all these directions, not even one direction is being neglected. Nobody can never hide himself from HIM amongst any one direction.

Buddha has said that,



What language is these, Baba asks, then one brother says, Pali.

So Baba says – Pali.

If anybody after committing any crime, if in the sky one hides, or under the sea if one hides, or in the cave of the mountain, if one hides, never he can save himself from hiding, in any safe place of the world, so that he can’t be witnessed from HIM.

“Púrvvohajátah sau garbhe antah”.

Baba starts to speak in English below.

And this Supreme Deva expressed Himself in so many microcosmic forms, and those microcosmic forms are His; as well as His objects.

His reflection on those microcosms are Jiivátmá, and when HE witnesses His own reflected counterpart, HE is known as “Pratyagátmá”.

“Púrvvoha játah”. He did like this. He displayed like this in the past, He is doing like this just at present, and He will be doing like this in future.

“Púrvvoha játah sau garbhe antah.”

All that came in the world, all that has come here, all that are in the process of coming, all that may be coming, and all that will come – are all His microcosmic manifestations.

There is the reflection of the Cosmic Consciousness;

Now Baba speaks in Hindi here below, which is translated.

And in these 10 directions, HE himself is expressing. His microscopic expression that exists in the crudified form in the microcosm that created microcosmic existence, that reflection of macrocosmic manifestation on this unit microcosmic existence is what is known as Jiivatma. All have been emanated from HIM, and it will remain has HIS thought projection, and shall remain.

When HIS reflection happens to reflect on the microcosm, that reflected portion on unit mental plate is known as Jiivatma and that witnesses this Jiivatma is known as Pratyagatma.

Till date whatever created beings came, and shall come, is nothing but the crudified form of HIS own self, that which came, that which has come, that which are in the process of coming, that which are yet to come, or that which shall be coming.

All these are crudified form of HIS self.

So nobody can never be forbidden. So nobody can be of lower status, nobody can be for-saken. So for that reason, I am saying to you all, that you are all brothers amongst eachother, neither you are greater to anyone or lower to anyone.
You are all children in the family of the Cosmic Father.
Being, in a family of one father, how one can be of lower caste and another of higher caste.
Because of this, I had said that, those who accepts caste and creed, shall never accepts Paramatma because being created by one father, how can children be from different caste.
Those who accept Paramatma, can never accept any caste and creed.
I accept Paramatma and also from inside accept caste and creed, all such lifestyles are only the hypocrite’s way of living, and all those people are liability to this human society.
With such persons, one can very well understand that in the formation of well-knit society, they are the most anti-social elements.

“Púrvvoha játah sau garbhe antah.”

Born in the past and still in the process of coming.

Sa eva játah sa janiśyamáńah

Other part is “Pratyaḿ” janáḿstiśt́hate vishvatomukhaḿ. Another part is Sarvatomukha.

That is, He is Sarvatomukha. He is multi-faced Entity. He is multi-faced Entity.

That is, wherever you go or from whatever corner you try to see Him, you will see His face.

That is, you cannot escape seeing His face; or you cannot escape your existence from His face. HE is “Sarvatomukha”.

That is, “multi-faced”.

Saharsa shrsá Puruśah sahasrákśa sahasrapád.

This Puruśa has sahasra shiirśa – HE has got innumerable brains.

You have got only one brain with limited power and limited capacity, but HE has got infinite, that is, innumerable brains, and innumerable capacity.

Baba speaks in Hindi which is below transcribed.

So this Supreme Entity, what HE is, HE is Sarvatomukha – that is

Vishvatomuka – that is in every direction, in all directions, His face exists.

In whatever point of view, you act from that opinion you shall see HIS face to be present. From HIS eyes, you can’t do anything secretly.

So only the intelligent man shall keep this in mind, that Parama Purusa always witnesses Him.