“1963, 24 FEBRUARY – ÁNANDA SÚTRAM 2-4, 2-5″

2-4. Ánandaḿ Brahma ityáhuh.

What this Ananda is, that is its flow of waves are as straight it is, for that we call Brahma.

Baba starts to speak in Bangla from 11:29 sec to 12:05 sec, and from next 12:06 sec onwards, Hindi translation is below.

Wherever in whatever form the narrow mindedness exist like casteism, communalism, ritualism, even nationalism, that is narrow mindedness where it exists, maybe we find other things, but there doesn’t exist any form of Paramatma’s grace, but only narrowness prevails.

2-5. Tasmin nupalabdhe paramá trśńá nivrttih –

This Supreme Path who has been graced, those people’s longings are satiated. Why?

What does the man’s longing is for? A resilient base/ A permanent shelter.

So for this reason, there is paramá trśńá nivrttih – all longing is permanent quenched.

Baba starts to explain here in Bangla once again in detail from 16:18 sec till 17:05 sec and continues with next sutra)

Vested interest Purport: There is in the living being a thirst for limitlessness. It is not possible for limited objects to quench one’s thirst. Brahma is the only limitless entity, and so establishment in Brahma’s bearing alone puts an end to all thirsts or cravings.