After completing the Acarya training, I was undergoing the workers, training in Jamalpur, a railway town in Bihar.

It was in the month of March 1966. Acarya Dhruvananda Avadhuta was the trainer. After 15 days’ training inour Jamalpur Jagriti, I was to go to Delhi where i was posted as Principal of Ananda Marga school and Diocesan Secretary(DS) of Delhi diocese. On the previous evening, I got a ‘Field Contact’ with BABA. Everyday, BABA used to go for a walk to the ‘Tigers grave’ about 3 km away from His residence in the Railway Colony.

Acarya Dhruvananda Avadhuta and myself were the only persons accompanying HIM during His walk on that evening. Soon we were there on the Tigers Grave.

Ac Dhruvanandaji and myself spread a blanket and BABA took His seat. After some talk, BABA asked Ac Dhruvanandaji to move to a distance as BABA wanted to give me some instructions regarding Sadhana(Intuitional practice).

Ac Dhruvanandaji went away soon. It was about 9:30pm. BABA gave me some spiritual instructions,, necessary guidance and blessings. While imparting those divine instructions a reference was made to an invisible man… the never ending Gentleman.

I did not understand it well.

However I lay salutations, when the instructions were over on the ground and did sastaunge pranam, and BABA, my GURU, on the Tigers’ grave in Varabhaya Mudra… a scene and an experience I can never forget.

Soon BABA got up and started walking. Folding the blanket and carrying the basket containing the thermos, towel etc,I followed.

Soon Ac Dhurvanandaji joined us.

Walking on HIS way back, suddenly BABA started telling me, “When I was a boy, I used to come to this field and an invisible man used to tell me, “Oh! YOU have forgotten for what you have come, you have forgotten for what you have come !”.

After a few steps, HE continued repeating it.

I recollected for what I had come.

Walking silently a few more steps, HE/BABA stopped keeping both hands on HIS waist and looking at “me” said, “And that invisible man was MYSELF”.

His both thumbs were pointed at HIS chest.

So telling BABA/HE turned and continued HIS walk.

We accompanied BABA to HIS residence. It remained one of the most memorable days in my life. It was a day of divine revelation to me.

Now when BABA is no more with us physically, I remember that day and recollect those immortal words, HE is the Invisible Entity, the never-ending Gentleman, eternally present but came into our lives through a physical frame in the form of Maha Sambhuti to fill HIS Self into us as HE Loved us and HIS creations so much.

In spite of the demise of HIS physical body, HE is still with us, vibrating the world from psycho-spiritual level.

— Acarya Rameshwarananda Avadhuta

PROUT, November 10-23, 1990.