This universe is a mental thought of the Cosmic Entity.

Only that Supreme is the owner. HE is imagining and accordingly things are getting materialized.

It is HE who is creating, and giving birth to every entity, to every object.

The Supreme Entity is called Brahma which is the combination of Purusa and Prakrti.

By means of Prakrti, the Operative Principle, HE is materializing HIS creation through


Rajah, and

All in all, every entity, every object, all animals, plants and human beings are created by HIM. They are all actually HIS children.

HE is the Supreme Father.

The entire human society is one for they are all created in HIS mind.

When the human society evolved from animal stages, stage of monkeys, the Lord Himself came to give a direction to the entire flow of creation.
About 7000 years ago, Taraka Brahma came as Lord Shiva. HE was Mahasadvipra.

Society was then in the Shudra age.

The people were like animals, dominated by Tamah gun’a.
Lord Shiva taught them Tantra and Tandava and awakened their Ksattriyan spirit. HE gave many guidelines to establish a proper social order.

There was a conflict in which all the crude forces amongst the different races were totally rooted out.

HE changed the society from one dominated by Tamah to one dominated by Rajah.

One human race was established, and the powerful Ksattriyan age was ushered in.
Lord Shiva physically extended HIMSELF in Abode of Himalayan mountains of India, Alps mountains in Europe but the vibration which HE generated brought forth changes in the entire planet.

HIS advent created the vibration that gave birth to the age of great courageous kings. HIS vibration has forever remained on this planet.
About 3500 years ago, when there was much Ksattriyan exploitation.

Taraka Brahma came as Lord Krs’n'a to change the Varna psychology from Ksattriyan, Vipran, to no varnas. HE was Mahasadvipra.

When humanity reached the maximum domination of Rajah gun’a then Mahasadvipra came to change its influence to Sattva guna. Many immoral kings were killed.

At last, using Vipran tactics, HE arranged the Mahabharata war which involved kings from all over Central Asia, some part of Europe, South East Asia and little of Africa. All the brute forces on this planet were annihilated and HE paved the way for the dominance of all Varnas.

HE extended HIMSELF from an island or a village, but HE created the waves that changed the Varnas from Ksattriyan to Vipran in societies all over the world.

HE propounded the Giita and taught spiritual morality as well as upgraded devotion and art of aesthetic science.

The entire human society can be divided into three groups –


lishvarakotiis, and


Jiivakotiis are ordinary individuals with ordinary bodies and minds. lishvarakotiis are those individuals who by their devotion to the Lord, or by their effort to serve humanity, havelevated themselves. They are higher than ordinary beings. They have the capacity to solve certain problems at a partice ular place and time. They have no capacity to change the entire flow of society, i.e. change the Varna or class. This is the difference between Brahmakotii and lishvarakotiis.

The Brahmakotii is the Master of the universe; a preceptor who can channelize the entire human race to a certain Goal. HE is the highest manifestation of the Supreme on the human level because HE is sending the human race from one phase to another.

When Mahasadvipras come they create lishvarakotiis by means of Sadhana, and give scope for them to express themselves.

Brahmakotii, either directly or indirectly, is the source to all great personalities and great events on this planet.

Brahmakotii may not have been written about in history books because it is something beyond human judgement. His physical presence itself changes the very flow of creation.

Gradually the Vaeshyan, influenced by Rajah and Tamah, came into power. They came into power because they were longing for more and more which is the expression of crude.

The goal of Vaeshyans is material gain so the whole human society has become materialistic.

Even the Ksattriyas (red) and the Vipras (white) have lost their qualities and become Vikshubda Shudras., (degenerated Shudras).

The human society has lost its high ideals.

This time Mahasadvipra has come as Shrii Shrii Anandamurti to establish one Human Society, on the principles of Spirituality and Universalism.

HE has come to create Sadvipras who are behind all colours – Sattva, Rajah, and Tamah.

BABA has come to establish Sadvipra Samaj (i.e. society of mini BA’BA’s).

In the society there is exploitation by different classes, Ksattriyan, Vipran, and Vaeshyan. But BA’BA’ wants this society to be controlled and governed by Spiritual moralists; those established in the cosmic ideal and not in their selfish interests.

Physically, HE may extend HIMSELF from an office or any part of the globe travelling in different countries but HIS Mission will always go on for HIS presence is enough to vibrate the entire planet.

BA’BA’ has always been our Supreme Father.

When we developed from the animal stage into human beings then Lord Shiva came.

HE was also called BABA.(BA’BA’ means Supreme father). HE came to guide us, and HIS waves are still working to take society from Tamah to Rajah gun’a.

HIS waves will forever be on this planet.

Then Lord Krs’n'a came and HIS vibration is still transforming society from Rajah to Sattva gun’a.

And now BA’BA’ has come for a new era; for Sadvipra Samaj which is beyond all gun’as, i.e. classes or Varnas.

Let humanity know this truth.

“We have to bring the entire human race under HIS guidance.

Actually on the cosmic scale, Brahma(GURU) is our Supreme Father. The entire universe is under HIM.

But on the human level, let us make an effort so that everybody will understand this basic truth that HE is our Father.

HE is helping and guiding us and willing to do everything for our sake.

BABA’ alone can guide us on a social, political, economical, spiritual and every other level of human expression.

We may ignore HIM or forget HIM but how can HE forget HIS children?

HE cannot.

Let this love of the Father for HIS children be awakened in the entire human race. This will be the solution to all our problems.

BABA’ NAM KEVALAM is the solution to everything. Sing HIS name and work for HIS Mission.