BA’BA’s Part of Discourse on 23 April 1969, Manila (Philippines) about Taraka Brahma:

Mahákaola are rare personalities. For a devotee, He is the, He is called Táraka Brahma. He is Maha’kaola.
What is Táraka Brahma?
The movement of this world, or the movement of each and every entity, is of a particular nature. There is in the centre the nucleus, and electrons are moving around the nucleus. In each and every system there is a nucleus, and other objects are moving around the nucleus. If there is any change in the comparative applied force of the centripetal and the centrifugal forces, then the cyclic order will undergo metamorphosis. These change take place, and in that case it will take a parabolic form, a parabolic movement. The point where the parabolic and the elliptical figures touch each other – that tangential point – is the Táraka Brahma so far as the Cosmological order is concerned.
That Táraka Brahma, He takes shape, physical shape & to help the general people in their progress in the realm of Tantra and Yoga. They are Mahákaola.
The difference between, Shiva was a Mahákaola. He came here about 7000 years ago. After Him, about 3500 years ago, three thousand five hundred years ago, there came another Mahákaola. He was called Krśńa.

BA’BA’s another Discourse in 1969, Ranchi about Taraka Brahma:
HE comes on earth when there is too much sin and it is difficult for virtuous people to live on this earth. When dharma declines and adharma, gets the upper hand; when the virtuous and the pious are tortured and the dishonest and evil-doers tyrannize over the good;
In a world, when the human intellect is guided along degraded and destructive channels; Ta’raka Brahma desires to come on earth with a specific mission of restoring Dharma by launching a ceaseless fight against all injustice and sin.
There are a notable criteria by which to distinguish Ta’raka Brahma from other Maha’purus’as:
1. HE Himself is a born Guru and has no Spiritual Guru.
2. HE comes with a specific mission, which is to restore morality and Dharma. The entire society becomes divided between Moralists and Immoralists. A fight between them is inevitable, and ultimately dharma comes out victorious.
3. HIS emergence means a new era of white peace and Dharma.
HE needs no sa’dhana’, but just to set an example to others, HE performs Sa’dhana’ with the masses.