One day, I was sitting with BA’BA’ on the Tiger’s Grave. With a sweep of His Hand, BA’BA’ indicated the eastern side of the field stretching up to the hills, a place with many palm trees. “He said, this is a Siddha Piit’ha.”  I asked, “BA’BA’, what is a Siddha Piit’ha?”BA’BA’ said, “Suppose you are sitting in a temple. There are beautiful flowers there and incense and frankenir cense, giving a good vibration for all to recognize. Similarly, if someone does meditation in a certain place and attains higher stages of realization there, that place is charged by their spiritual vibration. The spiritual vibrations goes into the very earth. Those places are known as “Siddha Piit’has.”   Before BA’BA’ was supposed to leave Ja’-malpur in December 1966, the Ananda Marga Office there made arrangements to make a film showing the scences of His early life — how BA’BA’ used to go to the mountains, along which BA’BA’ used to walk, where BA’BA’ sat in the evenings. A cameraman came from New-Delhi.We organized a group to accompany BA’BA’, and we set off. Of the A’ca’ryas only, BA’BA’s PA, Acarya Abheda’nanda Avt, Acarya Dasharathjii and I were there. A few margiis brothers were there also, including some brothers from Gaya’, Delhi and other places.At that time, BA’BA’ was living in Ram’pur Colony Railway Quarters. That day, BA’BA’ went straight from there to the Ja’ma’lpur Railway Bridge, which crosses over Ja’ma’lpur train station. After going a little further, BA’BA’ approached a big field, then turned right and stopped where a mosque stood at the left side of the road. BA’BA’ said, “This is the mosque of Ja’ma’l Miina’. From his name, the name of the town has come — Ja’ma’lpur.”
Afterwards BA’BA’ started to walk on, BA’BA’ took us to Ja’ma’lpur mountain, going by the same route, BA’BA’ used to follow in His boyhood life. BA’BA’ came to a large field beside a big reservior, following BA’BA’ we all walked down to the lakeshore. Then we came to a hill which formed the west side of Death Valley. There BA’BA’ stopped and pointed to the top of the hill and told us, “When I was in Class 8, I sat on this peak every evening, and there i would play the flute.” Then BA’BA’ took us down to a road by the shore where there was a pier going out into the reservoir. Descending some stairs, BA’BA’ walked out onto the pier. BA’BA’ said, “After the period when I was spending time on the hill, I used to come and sit here for meditation.”
We asked BA’BA’ to sit down,so we could find HIM.