“1958 – SADVIPRAS”




Human Longing for an all round victory in different spheres of life is Infinite. In different aspects of life – important or unimportant, no body wants to drag his Entity in a subordinate status.

He cannot tolerate such an idea. He wants to become the lord of everything. His mind does not like to do according to the dictates of nature.

He obeys the orders of nature only under pressure of circumstances because of his lacking in Intellect and stamina.

All his practices are for nothing but endeavor to brush out his inner depressions and these practices helped him and are still helping him in conquering the whims of nature.

To conquer his mental imperfection he has been encouraging Ideological clashes and has been creating Philosophies of life.

The ideal of supreme expansion, which is certainly a desirable status has been given a logical shape only through ideological clashes.

But his potentialities are not fully consumed in this Sádhaná for attaining victory in mental sphere – it is an impossibility, because he is to preserve his existence in this mass of physicalities – he wants to keep himself free from or win over the existing or probable physical adversities.

And for this a Sádhaná which makes his physical existence more comfortable is essential for him. It is for this Sádhaná of conquering the crude or static nature (Prakrti) that the term “Science” is not “Vijinana” for, in Saḿskrta , the term “Vijinana” has often been employed only to represent a special type of knowledge or the Brahmajinana (Spiritual Knowledge).

To-day a class of people have started decrying science as the root of all evils – an obstruction to the human progress and the source of all disturbances.

It is the most opportune moment to think over what they say with open mind and due patience.

In physical clash whenever human beings feel that they are being defeated in any field of life, they prepare requisite amount to protect themselves from that defeat. The aim of science is to find out the formula for such a preparation.

Had there been no physical clash the creation or evolution of mind from crude matter would have been an impossibility or the crude mind could not have attained subtlety and in the absence of this physical clash there would not have any scientific research.

This phenomenon of physical clash is present in all beings – in all animals and that is why all the living creatures practice scientific traits according to their mental capabilities.

The nest building activities of the tailor and weever birds, track building of white ants and trap spinning of spiders – all are the examples of scientific culture.

Regarding your assemblances at Gorakhpur in this particular moment, I would ask if it were possible for you; had there been no scientific achievement and people had to walk on foot all the way?

In order to win over the mental adversities or physical impacts human beings of certain era invented bullock carts.

The development of physical clash brought developed needs – bullock carts could not meet the purpose and there came horse – carts (where required). Horse-carts also could not do for long, there arrived motor cars followed by aeroplanes and rockets.

None of this is bad.

Only different types of human requirement are being satisfied by them at different occasions.

All of them have been created for the sake of protection from physical clash and simply represent gradually developed instruments.

Gur(molasses) cannot be preserved in normal condition for a long time. Its flavor too is not liked by many, that is why the human efforts to protect Gur from the associated physical clash – to keep it normal for longer period and also in making it free its pungent odour, resulted in the invention of sugar.

Who will say that the invention of sugar is an obstruction to the human progress. If sugar is considered as less substantial than Gur, it is desirable for intelligent and reasonable persons to engage themselves in the scientific Sa’dhana’ (researchers) to add these nutritive ingredients of Gur into sugar which it lacks, instead of carrying on propaganda in favour of Gur.

Some people are always found criticizing science in all possible ways. This sort of criticism, however, comes from those who, under the pressure of physical impacts, have accepted it as a settled fact and have lost the vitality and vigor to face the situation.

The momentum of the past does not allow human beings to adopt to the new environment easily and that is why many people criticize science or do not want to accept the new scientific achievement.

So long they do not acquire a mental adjustment with the new scientific inventions, they go on criticizing those very things from which they have drawn advantageous services but they do take their advantages under pressure of circumstances.

That is why, those who try to praise the primitive system of medical treatments and criticize modern medical science are also found applying bandages with the help of allopathy.

Even the admirers of bullock carts, the preachers of Gur Philosophy, the staunch supporters of Khadi are found wearing mill clothes, taking sugared tea and boarding aeroplanes while going to address the anti-science meetings.

But even after a brief application or use people make the adjustment with those scientific implements, which were subject to their criticism and hatred and were used only under pressure of circumstances(generally this adjustment takes place as the use of corresponding old objects is abandoned or decreased so much so that it becomes impossible to discard those new objects).

In this circumstance gradually they stop criticizing those adjusted articles.

It can be said that those who criticize science actually want to take the Ganges back from the Ganga Sagar in the opposite direction – Gangottari which is against the principles of motion.

Attempts of this sort represent a negative state of mind. Let every earth be turned but those days of “R’si’s Upavana” cannot come back, human being cannot revert to put on bark of the tree instead of clothes and take raw meat.

The dragging of sugar age back into that of Gur era will not do.

Those who have not tasted sugar, may easily take tea sweetened with Gur(molasses) but those who have come in contact with sugar, have tasted tea with sugar will certainly prefer to have tea with sugar rather than with gur, no matter, however staunch critic of science they may be.

It is simply because they have adjusted themselves with sugar mixed tea and the day such people make adjustments with sugar in other items of diet, I.e., they move farther away from Gur(Molasses), no more criticism will come forward from their side.

Of course, to enter into such Gur-Sugar controversy reflects nothing but ignorance in science for Gur is also not a direct product of trees, it has to be prepared by scientific treatment.

The phenomena of physical clash gradually increase the human capabilities. The environmental impacts also bring about structural complexities in body. The crude physical and mental problems of early and modern human beings are not identical.

In order to keep pace and fight the impacts associated with this change in the problems of the human body and mind have to become more and more complex.

The earlier structure is unfit to fight against the problems of today.

The mind is becoming more complex and so its direct seat the nerve cells and the indirect seat the glands are also undergoing corresponding modification in a normal course.

It is due to the changing problems that the human mind is to-day engaged in new scientific inventions.

These inventions help solving their problems otherwise they will cease to exist. Thus I am forced to express in clear terms that scientific pursuits have to be continued and that science is by no means an obstacle in the path of human progress.

I will rather opine, that a section of people criticize science only for sentimental reasons.

But then they do not understand that this sort of blind feeling for the antiquity will help in crudifying their mental bodies.

Their temperament bears a depression of high magnitude and they utterly lack in the vigor for progress.

Those who have lost the rhythm of motion are nothing but tamasika (static) – are nothing but crude inanimates.

Vaedic R’sis had expressed similarly.

Nana shtrantaya Shriiranti it is rohita sushruma p’aponrasadavarojanah

Indra iccaratah Sakha-Caraeveti caraeveti”

A’ste bhage a sanasyordhasti sthati tis’thatah

Shetenipadmanasya carati caratah bhagah caraeveti caraeveti

Kalao shayano bhavati sainjiha nastu Dvapara;

Uttist́han Treta bhavati Krataḿ sampadyate caran;

Caraeveti caraeveti. (Rk Veda)

According to the change of time the human mind has to remain engaged in various progressive thoughts and activities.

In order to run these new responsibilities, the nerve cells of human brain are undergoing necessary changes for keeping the mind in its multifarious activities and along with this the glandular structures also warrant certain changes.

It is not only the physico-psychic construction of the human beings that is becoming complicated day by day but the social structure too.

The number of problems is rather multiplying. Under these circumstances shall we allow ourselves to sit tight and feel contented by singing the glories of the past? No, certainly not.

Attempts will have to be made to find out the solution of different problems by proper scientific culture. Like sword like Armour. That is why in order to solve them we want to have as much complicated scientific implements as the problems are.

We can not face atom bombs with primitive bows and arrows.

As the structural complexity of human beings will increase, the human control on the different parts of his body will also go on increasing along with the progress of sciences.

It may so happen that the brain might be sent to London preserving the body here at Gorakhpur all night on the bed!

It will not then be required to carry the weight of body to London any more. It might appear as story but be sure, this is going to happen.

Human beings will probably enjoy sleep keeping their limbs deposited in Banks.

The Varnacakra (cycle of class) will go on revolving I.e., the class struggle will persist and in particular era a particular class will gain prominence.

If the science remained in the hands of people of Tamasika (extroversial) trends of minds then the danger of Tamasika (crude and vicious) struggle will go on increasing.

But then the only hope is that with the increased viciousness of class struggle man will try to find out the solution of this problem and as a result, they will certainly realize that nobody except the Sadavipras (adapted in moral principles) are capable of leading the society.

Those who strictly adhere to the principles of Yama and Niyama (Cardinal moral Principles) are to be recognized as SADAVIPRAS and it is in their collective efforts that the seed of human peace and progress gets proper nourishment.

Democracy also will not be in a position to solve human problems because even in democracy a particular class gains prominence while certain other classes find themselves quite unsafe.

And, since no principle is recognized as supreme here violence, rivalry, jealousy, meanness, demoralization, etc., everything gets ample opportunity to extend its branches in it (democracy) unobstructed.

Besides, as a result of accepting relative truths one after another, the color and shape of democracy also remain ever changing.

The organization of a classless society is possible only by these Sadavipras who have accepted Absolute Truth as their Goal and have projected all of their trends to it ignoring all the obstacles that may come in their way.

A classless society cannot be formed by annihilation or destruction of one or the other class.

The formation of a classless society is possible only by uniting all the classes on one platform of one Common Ideal.

Only Sadavipras can take the leadership of this task and that is why for the welfare of the world the dictatorship of Sadavipras is an urgent necessity.

The establishment of such an ideal is simply impossible under democracy because even the thieves, robbers or anti-social elements are approached for obtaining votes, the able and worthy candidates can be defeated by preaching casteism, provincialism or communal ism and those who lack in the knowledge of politics, administration education, intelligence, ordinary ethics, etc., become the fortune makers of the candidates.

By proper culture of science (certainly possible only by Sadavipras) not only the individual problems too will get solved.

The science will provide a very easy solution even to the land problem which persists in every country in greater or lesser extent.

If the necessity of food stuff is reduced the importance and the price of land will go down automatically.

Taking in an ordinary tablet will be enough to satisfy the hunger.

In the scientific laboratory the possibility of producing such tablets on a commercial scale will also make up the differences between rich and poor because it is for satisfying this hunger that paupers accept the slavery of wealthy persons and thereby bring to them greater opportunity to become richer.

Before such subtler diet is invented; science is already rendering help in solving the food problem in many ways.

The population is multiplying but the land does not. With this limited land, human beings are constantly increasing the food production by producing improved system of irrigation with the help of science.

As such science is extremely essential for the human progress, otherwise one half of the human population of the world would have died of starvation.

The medical science helped human beings in many ways in the past, is doing the same even today and will continue to do so in future too.

Improved variety of medicine and surgery has helped and will help human beings to live long.

By the grace of medical science human beings will be able to fight in a nice manner the old age and death by removing the old glands and replacing them by new ones.

Death of unit bodies occurs due to the fact that these glands become old; so as a result of replacement of glands the death will recede back beyond doubts.

However, even after prolonging the life span or holding the death temporarily by scientific researchers, human beings can not be made immortal because, the brain which is the seat of existential feeling and also that of mind, if replaced due to its oldness or for the damaging effects of constant use, will also cause a change in the human personality. This stage must be treated as the death of the previous man.

With the replacement of the glands by proper scientific researches the trends of the human mind will also become changed and as a result even the Asat (bad) may become good.

But, by this it is not possible to bring about a change in one’s Saḿskara (potentiality acquired in the past life), I e., though it is possible to change the course of Pratyayamulaka Karma(original work) it will not be possible to bring any change in the flow of Saḿskarmulaka karma (Reactionary expression).

Mind is the seat of Saḿskara (Reaction in potentiality) while brain is the seat of mind.

That is why for these very reasons which bring about the change of personality by the replacement of brain, the mind which, with all its potentialities(Saḿskara), takes its new abode as a result of the replacement of the brain, is certainly a different entity from that of the personality accommodated in the previous brain.

If the brain from a human body is removed and replaced by the brain of monkey then the owner of that human body will no longer remain a man.

From psycho-logical considerations he will become a monkey and his body will gradually continue to be like that one.

The secretion of hormones from different glands will also gradually becoming like that of a monkey.

In a similar manner the conversions of males onto females is not at all impossible.

Not only that, even by strong ideation’s changes in glandular secretions or its character might happen and in this way also conversion of females into males or vice versa is quite possible while by partial glandular modification it is not impossible on that part of males to conceive too.

But the science is not capable of changing the human Samskara (potentiality acquired in past life) and so human beings will have to engage themselves in Sádhaná (Spiritual practice) for the dessication of their potentiality.

Ananda Marga wants to encourage the culture of science for by that human progress will be augmented.

But then this culture of science will certainly have to entrusted with Sadavipras.

One day mean will create human beings in scientific laboratory. Not only that they will become capable of creating even sperm and ova by scientific methods.

Slowly and slowly the fecundity of human beings will probably be lost but even then the emotions of creativity will continue to persist in human mind.

The seed of creativity exists in the Saguna Brahma(the attributed Consciousness) and as mental reflections of the Attributed Consciousness, they will continue to have this instinct.

In that auspicious moment the human beings will quench their creative thirsts by crossing the bounds of Kamamaya Kosa (cruder mind) and satisfying them in subtler pursuits.

Human beings of that day will create a better society, noble literature and more progressive art and architecture.

In my personal opinion the human civilization can not be destructed by atom bombs for the human intelligence has not yet become bankrupt.

The struggle between Vidya (moral force) and Avidya (immoral force) is going on nicely in the human mind.

That is why I clearly conclude that in very near future human beings will find out the ways of protection from the atom bombs and the science will once again prove the sanctity of its stand for human welfare.