Physical Propulsion, Psychic Propensities and Spiritual Attainment[purely Original Discourse]


1 January 1987 DMC, Tiljala, Calcutta, INDIA

………..And in its actional movement or in actional progress, what is required is for proper progress or for a accelerated progress is: Prańipátena Pariprashnena Sevayá.

One is to get oneself elevated to the next higher stratum Prańipátena Pariprashna and Sevayá.

Prańipáta means surrendering oneself before one’s goal. The attitude of self-surrender is represented by Sáśt́auṋga-prańáma, which means to lie flat in a straight line like a rod. The idea is, however crooked I may be to others, to my Ideology I am as simple and straight as a rod. That is why I lie prostrate.

When one surrenders before one’s Ideology, one will automatically attain self-knowledge. One need not move here and there in pursuit of Self-knowledge.




1984-1985, Calcutta, INDIA

……………The posture of surrender to the greatness of another person or entity is called namah MUDRÁ or namoMUDRÁ .

Such surrender results in one’s mental body being vibrated by the greatness of the Supreme. It is the person doing namoMUDRÁ who benefits, and not the one for whom the MUDRÁ is performed.

The way to do this MUDRÁ to the GURU is to lie prostrate before HIM with the palms placed together, that is, with the middle fingers of each hand placed parallel to each other.

This represents the pinpointed concentration of mind which is directed towards the Supreme goal.

In this MUDRÁ all eight parts of the body are engaged. The body itself becomes as straight as a staff; one Saḿskrta word for which is “Dańd́a”, and thus one of the MUDRÁ ’s names is “Dańd́avat Prańáma”.

This is namo MUDRÁ , the systematic endeavour to acquire greatness in return for one’s Surrender unto Greatness.




29 November 1971 DMC, Calcutta, INDIA

When human beings ask for money they must send some application letters, but when Parama Puruśa wants something from you, HE will not ask for it, HE will demand it. What HE will ask you for, you will hesitate to give; for HE will ask for nothing less than your whole existence.

Those who are prepared to give their all, even though they may be the most degraded sinners, become the full responsibility of Parama Puruśa, because they have surrendered themselves completely to HIM. They have not given away fifteen annas, keeping one anna for themselves [there are sixteen annas in one Rupee.]

Hence it is the moral responsibility of Parama Puruśa to care for such people. Those who dwell in the “Heaven of Knowledge” may say, “Such a degraded person has committed such a dastardly crime – his liberation is impossible, for his past was so black!”

The philosophers might busy themselves dabbling in knowledge, but those who have completely surrendered themselves to HIM, will certainly be cared for by HIM.

Take the case of flower: it may be defiled with dirt and dust, but if that flower is offered to the water, will the water not accept it?

Certainly it will.

Likewise the devotees will never be concerned with what a person did in the past. They will think, “I am like a flower offered at HIS feet which HE has graciously accepted.”

Api cet sudurácáro bhajate mámanyabhák;

So’pi tu vinirmuktah mucyate bhava bandhanát.

The Lord says, “Even if the worst of the sinners worship me exclusively, they will be liberated from all worldly bondages.”

This total surrender is not attainable as long as there is any vanity of knowledge in a person’s mind – it is not possible for such a person to become an A-grade devotee. (Devotees are of several categories).

No matter how sinful people may be, they need not worry about anything if they come within the shelter of Parama Puruśa.

Only this has to be ensured, that their Surrender is cent per cent.


Vibration, Form and Colour


Phálgunii Púrńimá 1956 DMC

Remember, you have to offer your own identity – not money, rice plantains or other crude objects.

The give-and-take of crude things is a business transaction.

If you want to attain the bliss of Brahma, you must offer your own self. If you want to have the Great “I”, you must give away your own little “I”.

You have to give the full sixteen annas, (the full Rupee).

Giving fifteen annas and holding back one anna will not do. You must completely Surrender.

To attain that Infinite One with the help of your mental concentration and strength, you have to surrender yourselves.

But, remember Self-surrender does not mean suicide.

On the contrary, your soul will have its full expression. Your existence will not become contracted, for contraction is inert in principle.

Hence in the Sádhaná of Self-surrender the ego is expanded, not contracted.

In the Mahábhárata, when Duhshásana was pulling the sari of Draopadii, she was tightly holding the cloth to her body with one hand beseeching lord Krśńa with the other.

Oh! My lord, save me!” But the Lord did not then come forward to save her from shame.

When Draopadii found no means of escape, she then released her hold on the cloth and appealed to the Lord most piteously with both hands out-stretched, crying, “O Lord, I surrender my all to you.

Do what you think is best”.

And the Lord immediately rescued her.

That is why I say that you will have to dedicate yourselves to HIS feet wholly and unreservedly.

You will earn Godliness in proportion to the extent that you Surrender yourselves, and finally, after merging that acquired godliness of yours in HIS Entity, you will attain Eternal bliss.

God bless you.