13 December 1981, Calcutta, INDIA

I have introduced PÁIṊCAJANYA to help you derive Bliss from this stage.

At the time of doing Páiṋcajanya the mind becomes filled with spontaneous joy.

And no external object is required – just one’s Inner Self.

This self sufficiency which every Human being can realize through

Páiṋcajanya, brings success and a new spirit of fulfillment to Human life.

One’s life will shine with the Divine Effulgence of Parama Puruśa.

Let your advent in this world be successful in all ways.

I want your existence to shine, to be resplendent with the joy of being alive.

This is the reason why I introduced Páiṋcajanya and Sadávrata – to bring

Supreme fulfillment to your lives.

Let your advent on this Earth be successful, Individually and Collectively.

— 13 December 1981, Calcutta, INDIA


Once when one Avadhuta was travelling (touring) with Bábá in different Ánanda Marga units, from Europe, a few margii devotees requested me to ask Bábá, if Páincajanya could be done, maybe after 5:00 a.m. or not.

In Europe, to get up at 5:00 in the morning is very difficult, especially in the wintertime, when the temperature is very cold.

The European Margiis were asking me, if they could do Páincajanya, when they got up from bed, at maybe 6:00 am or 7:00 am, or even whatever time, they got up on that particular day.

I did not reply anything to them on this point.

I thought, I will first ask Bábá, when the opportune time arises.

After Bábá’s tour in Europe ended, we reached Mumbai (Bombay, India) in the morning.

After Bábá finished lunch, I used to go to submit some reports. I reached the room as usual.

Bábá was walking in a nice mood. I entered the room and did Sastaunga Pranama.

When I got up, I felt that Bábá is not in a mood to take organizational report.

Bábá asked me to tell something round about (or by the way).

I thought to myself, I should not miss this opportunity.
I simply said to Bábá: “Páincajanya”.

I could not even complete the full sentence! Immediately Bábá looked at me in a very angry mood!

Then Bábá began to scold me for maybe almost one hour.

Why had I asked Bábá regarding Páincajanya?

Bábá said that there is system of Páincajanya, my duty is to materialize it. It (my questioning) means I still have some doubt in my mind!

Bábá was angry as to why I entertained any questions in my mind!
Finally, when I told Bábá’, it is not my doubt but rather that I have to give an answer to Ánanda Marga units.

But I felt I cannot give answers to these questions without reporting you, Bábá.

Then Bábá told me that when Páincajanya was introduced, Bábá did not explain scientifically what are the reasons doing this practice.

Bábá wanted first that all should do it; then Bábá would explain the reasons.
Bábá said that every Sádhaka should get up from bed before a certain time. That time is 45 minutes before the Sun rises.

At that time the sun emits a wave, and through that wave Bábá takes (removes) the negativity and puts positivity in the Human mind.

Thus, to make this a formal system, Bábá told all of the devotees to start Páincajanya at 5:00 a.m. as per their local time.

Bábá has taken Samkalpa (firm determination) that those who do Páincajanya as per local time, Bábá would take responsibility for their Spiritual Development.

Bábá would take responsibility for that entire day!

Even in astrological Science, the moment of sunrise is very important in Human life.

Bábá further told me that the Emotional problems, Mental troubles and even so many diseases can be cured by Páincajanya!

Bábá told that since it is the Guru’s Samkalpa, one should do it without fail.

Bábá also then told regarding the Dharmacakra.

Bábá told, “It is my Samkalpa that every Sádhaka should do Dharmacakra as per prescribed date, place and time.”