Official source: Carya’carya Part 1

cross-references: translated from the original Bengali

First Bengali Edition   — April 1956

First English Edition  — A’nanda Pu’rn’ima 1962

Second & Revised Bengali Edition  — 1 st January, 1965

Third Bengali Edition — 25th November, 1968

Fourth & Revised Bengali Edition  — A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ , 1972

Second & Revised English Edition — A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’, 1975

First pour water on the navel, then on the region in front below the navel, then on the back opposite the navel.  Thereafter, pour water on the vertex such that it trickles down the back over the vertebral column. Then bathe thoroughly.

Before a plunge bath, pour water over the waist, on the navel region, and below, according to the methods described above and then take the dip.

Having finished the bath, recite the following Mantra while maintaining the prescribed poses and looking at any shining white object: -

“Pitr puruśebhyo namah Rśi devebhyo namah click on this to listen

Pitr puruśebhyo namah Rśi devebhyo namah.

Brahmárpanaḿ Brahmahavir Brahmágnao Brahmańáhutam.

Brahmaeva tena gantavyaḿ Brahmakarma samádhiná”

Meaning of the Mantra:

My Salutation to the forefathers, salutations to the seers (Those who invent new things and so pave the way for progress of the human society); the act of offering is Brahma; that which is being offered is Brahma; the One to whom it is offered is Brahma; the offerer is Brahma. By accomplishing the work of Brahma, he will merge in Brahma.

Recite the Mantra three times in succession with the prescribed postures.

Remembering the seers and the forefathers in this way is known as Pitr Yajina. As a daily duty this should be performed even if one’s father is alive. The postures will be taught by the A’ca’rya. You must remember that after the bath this is a must.

The patient who is sensitive to cold will take a bath with warm water and in a covered place. Water heated int he sun is also good. In an extremely cold climate, use warm water. One who does not take a plunge bath should bath while sitting. It is better not to bathe in a standing position.

Mdnight bath is prohibited. No one shall take bath int he Midnight sandhya’. Everyone will have to take bath in any one of the remaining three sandhya’s(First Sandhya’, Noon Sandhya’, and Evening Sandhya’).

Of course, considering your personal health and the climatic condition, you may bathe in one or both of the remaining two Sandhya’s. What is Sandhya’?

(1) The period from 45 minutes before sunrise and 45 minutes after it is called ‘dawn’, and this dawn is called the first sandhya’.

(2) The period from 9 A.M. to 12 noon is known as the Noon sandhya’.

(3) The period spanning 45 minutes before and after sunset is known as the Evening sandhya’.

(4) The period covering 45 minutes before midnight to 45 minutes after it, is known as the Midnight sandhya’ (11:15 to 12:45).