25 February 1988, Calcutta, INDIA

7) Question: If the land is bountiful and the per capita income is very high, does it mean that the all-round Micro-psychic connations or the all-round Micro-psychic aspirations of the people are fully quenched or not?

Answer: No. To quench the all-round Micro-psychic longings of the people, there must be the following:

(1) Psycho-Spiritual Education. There can be balkanization of society if there is no psycho-spiritual education.

(2) Rule by moralists.

(3) A balanced socio-economic structure.

(4) Ever-increasing purchasing power. If the per capita income is Rs. 50,000 and the price of the quintal of rice is Rs. 80,000, the condition of the people will be very bad.

8) Question: Now that Marxism is dead, what should be the role of PROUT?

Answer: The physical death of Lenin took place long back, and now the Intellectual death of Communism or Leninism is taking place.

In the West there is Individual capitalism and Group capitalism.

In the East there is less Individual capitalism and the predominance of State capitalism.

The system of gaining support in Capitalism is through money, and the system of gaining support in Communism is through fear.

For example, in India the villagers of Midnapore, Uluberia sub-division of Howrah, Hoogly and Burdwan in Bengal are politically subjugated under the fear of the Communist Party — the Communist leaders are unmasked.

Now Intellectuals are finding place for a new alternative — PROUT.

Generally, since 50% of Society are Good people, 25% are Ordinary people and 25% are Evil people, if you organize 50% plus 25% then 75% is gained by PROUT.

Carry the message of PROUT to the people.

The futility of Marxist Ideas has created a vacuum.

You must fill this vacuum up with Proutistic Ideas.