It is a great pleasure to inform you all noble devotees and not intellectuals, to know about Jamalpur (Monghyer), the place of the great advent of SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI in short.

It was an unparalleled event in the flow of creation when Lord SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI appeared on this planet, whose clarion call was to establish blessedness in this world.
“The land of Ang is the most beautiful land, as Jamalpur, situated on a plateau in the Bihar province of India.

It has inexhaustible storage of memories connected with Beloved Baba within each and every atom and molecule of this sacred place.

It is secreting the nectar of super spiritual expression, each drop of which is an invaluable possession of humankind.
This place is where great leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose and M.N.Roy, great saints like Totapuri, as well as numerous luminous beings received their guidance from Beloved Baba.

Shrii Gorakhnath expounder of Nath Sampradaya Yoga and Shyama Charan Lahiri expounder of Kriya Yoga both were radiant with spiritual light after having met Beloved Baba here.

In the light of a candle at the Tiger’s grave, the most precious garland of jewels known as “Ananda Sutram” was delivered.

The practice of Tantra was revised & was initiated here, which for the first time in thousands of years brought clarity among the various traditions of Tantra around the world.

It was from here that Beloved BA’BA’ blew the conch shell, which vibrated each and every atom of the entire universe.