by ÁCÁRYA SamanvayAnanda AVADHÚTA

It may have been 1959 that one of my friends convinced me to pray to BA’BA’ for getting KÁPÁLIKA SÁDHANA.

KÁPÁLIKA SÁDHANA is a special type of Tantrika SÁDHANA, BA’BA’ had given to a few chosen people. Those were the days when Margis were all family people. Nobody knew that there would ever be sannya’sins (Avadhúta). So BA’BA’ selected some persons for initiation into KÁPÁLIKA SÁDHANA. Now, of course, this is given only to renunciates (Avadhúta).

So when I requested BA’BA’, one Sunday for KÁPÁLIKA SÁDHANA, BA’BA’ asked me to come next Sunday. When I came the following Sunday, He told me to come again the next Sunday. This way BA’BA’ was testing my tolerance and eagerness. After a month, when I had requested very much, then BA’BA’ told me to come the next Sunday and without fail I would get the SÁDHANA When I came home, I became engaged in a very serious problem

Now when Friday came, I thought that if I don’t start today I won’t reach BA’BA’ on Sunday. So I left everything and told my family people to look after the affairs of the house and depend on God. They became very sad and pained at heart, as to how I could leave them in such a bad situation, which only I could handle.

I arrived on Saturday night at Jamalpur JAGRTI. On Sunday-morning, BA’BA’ came unusually early wearing a sky blue lungi and banian, without His full dress. This was completely unusual. After coming to the ashram, He entered into His room and asked the General Secretary to send me to Him. BA’BA’ was sitting on His cot. When I entered I prostrated myself and sat down. BA’BA’, out of His great kindness, proceeded to give me initiation in KÁPÁLIKA SÁDHANA When He finished, tears began coming out of my eyes.

When BA’BA’ came out of the room He quickly instructed the then General Secretary to keep me in the room for some time, as I was in great Bha’va. What is this SÁDHANA? The secrecy of Tantra sa’dhana’ is not explained in any book. I can say only, “Blessed is this earth, that Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii has revived KÁPÁLIKA SÁDHANA and has made it suitable for the present time, and many people are being graced to receive this SÁDHANA.”