“1939 – KÁPÁLIKA”

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“Scriptures say that KÁPÁLIKA is one who controls preserves and revolves the manifested universe. Ka plus Palika is KÁPÁLIKA (Kam Palayati jah sah KÁPÁLIKA). “Ka” means the entire universe with all its visible and invisible expressions. A KÁPÁLIKA has to protect, preserve and nourish this “ka” world.
To get this done
KÁPÁLIKA have to help the humanity to move towards perfection so that the dormant human caliber and capacity may be fully developed. We know that the creation is the result of the centrifugal activity of the macrocosmic nucleus. The “Kula Kundalinii” or the sleeping divine potentiality has coiled in the clockwise direction.

So KÁPÁLIKA in order to take the humanity from the static dominance towards the Purusottama, require the anticlockwise force, the direction just opposite to the path of creation which is from one to many. Therefore they have assumed the four handles on the figure “Plus” to represent the “ka” with a view to revolve it towards perfection, to unfold the divine potentialities from the path of negativity to the path of supreme positivity.

……The acoustic root of Krśńa is klrḿ. The first letter is “KA”. “KA” means the objectivated world. The entity that preserves this objectivated world is “KA”. SPIRITUAL ASPIRANTS who have taken the responsibility, the moral responsibility, of serving this “KA”, that is, of serving this objectivated world, are called KÁPÁLIKA.

Our Avadhútas/Avadhútikás practise KÁPÁLIKA Sádhaná, that is, they do the Pálana Kriyá of “KA”, they do the Pálana Kriyá of this objectivated world. They are to Serve Humanity.

The first letter is “KA” and the second is la. “LA” represents solid entities; that is, everything converted into solid is represented by the acoustic root “LA”. Now, the divine faculty that serves, or helps, or rather vibrates, the entire objectivated world, and keeps close proximity to the material world (at the same time vibrating the entire objectivated universe), is KA+ LA. Hence the acoustic root of Krśńa is klrḿ. — 29 NOVEMBER, 1978, MADRAS, INDIA