Baba looked around the room at everyone and then asked a margi, The margi answered, “I am Ram kumar Chatterjee, Baba.”

Baba said, Is that who you are?

Who are you really?” “I am an accountant, Baba.” “But who are you really?”

I am a Bengali living in a State of Bengal 38 years old.

“But who are you really?” The Margi was confused and kept silent.

Baba said, He doesn’t know who he is, (to another margii)

And you, my boy, who are you? (This man also kept silent. Baba asked several Margiis in this way and, not knowing the correct answer, they all kept silent.

Finally Baba asked another Margii. “And who are you, my boy?”

The man answered rather hesitantly, “Paramapurusa”, (The Supreme Consciousness) Baba.”

Baba said, “Ha ha! He thinks he is Paramapurusa, but he is not sure,”(Baba called the margii over to Him and touched Him on the back of his neck at the base of his skull !

Baba said, “Be in Peace”. (The man immediately went into deep Samadhi (state of ecstasy in which the individual mind merges with the Supreme Consciousness.)

The room was totally silent Baba said softly. “Now he knows who he is, (turning to everyone.”)

You have all forgotten who you are, … but I remember….. (Baba gave a mysterious laugh) ….. I remember…..”



A Filipins Margii had recently come to India, and heard, many stories on how Baba could reveal the past lives of individuals. He was very anxious to know his past life, and several times expressed this desire privately to his companions “I wish Baba would show me my past life,” he used to say).

Baba: (to the Filipino Margii)

Mr. P. What is your permanent address?

Mr. P: Manila Baba.

Baba: (laughing) Oh, is it so?

(Baba called one Avadhutajii to sit before Him and do meditation.)

Baba: An ordinary man is under three bondages of time, place and person. (Bondage of time: he cannot know all the past, present & future.

Bondage of place I he can only be in one place at a time).

But a Mahapurusa a (a great human being elevated by the practice of Yoga) can remove them.

(Baba reached down and held the Avadhutajii on the back of his neck (to the Avadhutaji).

Look into the mind of Mr. P and go back 135 years. What do you see.

Avadhutajii: I see a tell man wearing dhoti and lungi (traditional East Indian Dress)

Baba : Can you tell who is he?

Avadhutaji: He is Brahmin (highest caste priest) in West Bengal; his name is Sankara mishra.

Baba: Yes, and to-day that man is Mr. P. (to Mr. P)

What is your permanent address, my boy? (laughingly)

Is it Manila or India?

Mr. P: No, Baba! Baba: What is it then?

Mr. P: The Universe, Baba.

Baba: Yes, the universe is your permanent address.



(Baba called one margii to sit in front of HIM)

Baba: Close your eyes. Keep your spinal cord erect. Do Sadhana (meditation). Do you feel a soothing vibration in your spinal cord?

Margii: Yes, Baba. (Then Baba told another Margii to touch him on the chest). Baba: Did you feel pleasure when he touched you?

Margii: No, Baba.

Baba: (to the man who has touched him) Did you then not take your guru mantra while touching him?

The other margii : No, Baba. (Then Baba told a family Acarya to touch the man, and he did so)

Baba: Did you feel pleasure then?

Margii: Yes Baba, some pleasure. (Then Baba called a very elevated and senior Avadhuta to touch the Margii)

Baba: Did you feel pleasure then?

Margii: Yes, Baba, more pleasure.

Baba: Before starting any action, whether physical, psychic or spiritual, you must repeat your Guru mantra. The mind will thus become pure and the work will be effective.

Sometimes superiors and seniors bestow blessings upon juniors, but before blessing anybody the guru mantra should be properly uttered, only then will the blessing be fruitful.

By dint of Sadhana(meditation) with the help of Iista Mantra (the individual mantra of first lesson to be repeated during Meditation) and Guru mantra(2nd lesson), to be uttered before we do anything), an ordinary mortal can be transformed into an extra-ordinary one. The secret is not with the word but with the idea. Mantra becomes powerful when it is associated with the idea; it is nothing, it is useless if uttered without the idea. Mind becomes vibrated with the help of idea. “For everything a medium is required. Electricity is invisible but its existence is known by the light, or the moving of fans. Similarly, the existence of the Supreme Consciousness is proved by his expression. In the case of divine electricity, you required mantra.

(Then BABA asked the margii to touch the Anahata Cakra(heart centre) of another margii. There was no effect because that margii had not mentally said his guru mantra before touching.

Baba told him to say his Guru mantra and touch again. This time the other margii fell into Samadhi (the state of ecstatic bliss) when the mind rises above all bondages and merge in the infinite consciousness).

Baba: No one has the right to hate anybody. Nobody in this Universe is unimportant or insignificant; all are equally important.

Every one has immense powers and potentialities only, many are ignorant of the art of utilizing these powers. Once this art is known, all become great.