“1981 – CONCH SHELL”



“At the time of doing paincajanya the mind becomes filled with spontaneous joy. And no external object is required – just one’s inner self. This self sufficiency which every man can realize through paincajanya, brings success and a new spirit of fulfillment to human life. One’s life will shine with the divine effulgence of Parama Purus’a.Shrii Shrii Anandamurti”

Paincajanya starts exactly at 5:00 every morning according to local timings all over the globe, so one should gather together for Bhajans and Kiirtan as per convenience. It was said that special spiritual vibrations would be affecting all those who did so.

Paincajanya was the name of Lord Krsna’s conch shell. When blown its sound struck fear and desperation into the hearts of the unrighteous. Simultaneously Krsna’s friends were encouraged and filled with renewed vigor and inspiration.

Baba once told that as Shiva had His trishula and as Krsna had His cakra (discus),  BABA has us. It is we who are His weapons against injustice and immorality.

Paincajanya has been given to strengthen us and to fill us with tireless collective spirit as well as to vibrate the whole surroundings in the same mood.

Exactly at 5:00 am — the silence of morning should be removed by the sound of our call:

Parama Pita Baba Ki — Jai (Victory to the Supreme Father)!

Then a sweet singer- only those with a pleasing voice- fills the air with PRABHATA SAMGIITA(5018 samgiita given by BABA to be sung accordingly) one song(week days) and two PS songs (on Sunday and other AM festivities.)

At 5:05 Kiirtan begins for 15 minutes and the program closes precisely at 5:35 including Sadhana collectively following with Guru Puja(Varnaghyadhana) and Pranam Mantra, with a final refrain of Param Pita Baba Ki — Jai-

What follows this final slogan depends upon the local situation.

In most parts of the world, during the Collective Gathering of His Missionaries or Devotees, there was Nagar Kiirtan every morning from 5:35/5:40 to 6:30.

Remember that one should always meditate at least a few minutes after doing Kiirtan. And Baba has strongly instructed not to sleep again after Paincajanya or the whole spiritual affect will be wasted.

Paincajanya is actually meant to be done collectively with at least 5 persons. But Baba has asked that we do it even if we are alone.

On Sundays there should be Prabhata Samgiita until 5.10 and the first song should be in the local language.

Kiirtan is done 15 minutes and the whole time is extended till 5:40 on Sundays and on Ananda Marga festival days the whole program should go longer with no determined timing.

Along with all other instructions, we should arrange for a loud- speaker system, wherever Paincajanya is being done. How else to share this occasion with the neighbours?

Baba said that “Paincajanya Utsava” (its official name) will create.