“1982 – Namah Shiváya Shántáya”

Namah Shiváya Shántáya

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s Book “Namah Shiváya Shántáya” explains about the land of Tantra, where Great Personality Lord Shiva’s contribution is revealed for first time in the history of the world in the truest light of any existing source explaining by giving every speck of details about this Great Father.

This book removes the veils of seven thousand years of history, to reveal Lord Shiva’s role has the first Preceptor to teach and guide society to progress in any branch of knowledge during those days.

Of the twenty discourses that constitute Namah Shiváya Shántáya, the first eight were given in Calcutta as Pravacans(Discourses), or speeches (mostly at weekly intervals), in April and May, 1982. These eight were recorded on tape. The series (sometimes referred to by the author as a work of “Shivology”) then resumed in Patna in the form of dictations given throughout June and July. The concluding dictation was given in Kashi, adjoining Benares, on August 13.

All the speeches and dictations were given in Bengali.

The first editions of Namah Shiváya Shántáya, both in Bengali and in English, came out in 1982.
The English Second Edition, in 1985, was a reprint of the English First Edition.

Discourse Page

1. An Introduction to Shiva
2. Shiva–Both Severe and Tender
3. Shiva–The Focal Point of Everything
4. The Pervasive Influence of Shiva
5. Shiva throughout the Ages
6. All Bask in the Glory of Shiva–1
7. All Bask in the Glory of Shiva–2
8. All Bask in the Glory of Shiva–3
9. Shiva’s Teachings–1 145
10. Shiva’s Teachings–1 (Cont.)
11. Shiva’s Teachings–1 (Cont.)
Shiva’s Teachings–2
12. Shiva’s Teachings–2 (Cont.)
13. Shiva’s Teachings–2 (Cont.)
14. Shiva’s Teachings–2 (Cont.)
15. Shiva’s Teachings–2 (Cont.)
16. Shiva’s Teachings–2 (Cont.)
17. Shiva’s Teachings–2 (Cont.)
Shiva in the Light of Philosophy
18. Shiva in the Light of Philosophy (Cont.)
19. Shiva in the Song of Shiva
20. Shiva in the Dhyana Mantra
Shiva in the Pranama Mantra