The great history of Ananda Marga bears an inseparable allegiance to Jamalpur which is not dissoluble within any means of human intelligence and endeavours.

However, the researchers, spiritualists and mystic persons in the future will go on undertaking this tremendous task for revelatory and microvital fulfillment till the endless time of posterity of this planet and other planets as well.
Jamalpur is a small railway township famous for its Railway workshop. It is situated south of the District Headquarters of Monghyr in the State of Bihar, India.
Road and railway are common means of journey to this place though the navigation on the River Ganges and service can be provided for people’s access as well.
On the South of the railway line and railway junction there are sprawling fields, wide range of hillocks and  dense forest and on the north there runs a continued local habitation up to Monghyr till separated and sealed by the River Ganges.

It has a mystic and heterogeneous environment, culture and variations wrought under one and united existential calmness.

The machine and mind twine to be one without any interference whatsoever. The place abounds in multi linguity of expression but the cultural convergence transgresses all fissiparous and diverse narrowness. This place is noted for the spiritual and historical heritage, which dates back to Mahabharata time.

King Karna was the ruling chief of this region who had his capital in Ang Kingdom.
All powerful Totapuri, Immortal Kalikananda Avadhuta, Universal Leader Subhas Chandra Bose, M.N. Roy, uncountable Devayoniis etc have graced the place by visiting for completing, complementing and fulfilling their respective goal of liberation of their Soul and welfare of the humanity and the Universe.

BABA and Jamalpur
Its not for the chronicler, biographer and historian to find out the cause or linkage of Baba’s Birth in a certain family at Jamalpur.
The reason falls and the mind goes in utter void, Jamalpur is a most blessed part of this earth; where BABA materialized HIS Mahasambhuti with the mission of “Atma moksartham Jagat Hitayaca” as embodied in Ananda Marga.
Jamalpur is known and will be known all through the planetary, inter-planetary and inter-solar space.

It is for Sadhakas, Spiritualist and mystics to understand HIS Liila which he performs, reveals and radiates of HIS own.

It is left to HIS devotees to work out for this mysterious purpose and let this message continued to the utterance of Lord Krsna, in the Giita.

Yadayada‘ hi dharmasya gla’nirbhavati Bha’rata;

Ca’bhyuttha’namadharmasya tada’tma’nam’ srja’mya’ham.

There is great mystery beyond Death valley of Jamalpur.

Tiger’s grave, Tamarind tree under which BABA used to meditate, the plain rock at the top hill of kali pahar, where BABA used to sit for long meditation during HIS childhood days and also it is known that BABA used to raise Kulakundalinii of HIS playmates while playing. Here at this Kali and Shiva Mandir, BABA in childhood days accompanied by HIS school friends used to visit this temples. Here BABA also p erformed HIS Sadhana sanctifying with Spiritual vibration throughout the cosmos.

BABA had many mystic disciples from astral and unseen entities coming to meet BABA at triangular Palm trees. The place has certain magnetic affect suited to Spiritual elevation.

Many of devotees at the time of evening walk with BABA have eye witnessed how certain entities in bodiless forms came to BABA and after long stay again vanished in the air.

It is at this place that the Great Hero of Indian Independence Shrii Subhash Chandra Bose got his Tantrika Initiation.

Great Spiritualist Master Totapuri came with his physical body of about 300 years to get guidance and to grant approval from BABA for Salvation.
At Olipur Jagriti of Ananda Marga which was established in the year 1958 Bhagalpur, Choti Kanjarpur.

Here BABA used to give personal contact, teach Kapalika sadhana, give Avadhuta Diiksa sometimes dictate Discourses coupled with Demonstrations on Spiritual, Esoteric, Astral and meta-empirical subjects.
The Railway Quarter at Rampur Colony where BABA an HIS family members lived for long time is a memorable place for future devotees.
About Tigers Grave an important part of BABA’s life is attaced like Lord Sadashiva used to sit in Meditation on Tiger’s Skin.
This majestic place of Tigers Grave of Jamalpur,  where BABA dictated philosophical books in Candlelight to note down. Books like Ananda Marga Elementary Philosophy, Caryacarya I, II and III, To the Patriots, Yogika Treatment and Natural Remedies, Idea & Ideology, Jeevan Veda(A Guide to Human conduct) and Ananda Sutram were rendered out at this Tiger’s grave.

Those first phase Devotees have the experience of sitting with BABA at this place, know how BABA kept HIS devotees enchanted giving Samadhi of Spiritual Bliss.

The evening walk upto the Tiger’s Grave was an epoch maker in Spiritual History of Ananda Marga.