“1988 – COMMUNISM”

14 July 1988, Calcutta, INDIA

The electronic edition or AM publication regarding this discourse Communism has been distored by a person who has edited this chapter.Here is the original discourse corrected below.

The term “communism” is derived from the word “commune” which is comprised of the  prefix “co” and the root verb “mune”. ”Co” means “together” and “mune” means “to do something”,
So “commune” means “to do something together”. ”Commune” + “ism”= “communism”.
The term “communism” is applicable only where the commune system exists and those who follow the commune system are communists. In the commune system there is no relationship amongst people doing something together as everything is imposed from the top. Hence, the word “commune” as it is used by communists today is improper and misleading.
While Marx said many things, our discussion here is only concerned with those aspects of his philosophy which went against basic human psychology. That is, we are only concerned with those parts of his philosophy which attempt to build castles on quicksand.Communism is a crude materialistic philosophy. It is based on pure mundane motivation. There is no scope for channelizing the human mind in an intellectual flow towards the pinnacled entity. The natural tendency of the mind is to go downwards, but if the mind ideates on the subtlest entity it is gradually converted into that entity.
A Sadhaka or spiritual aspirant has to take his or her mind upward. As the mind gradually becomes elevated, the psychic structure becomes subtle, the thinking power is developed and higher ideas are formed.
But if one ideates on something material the mind becomes crude and materialistic. If the mind always ideates on the commune system will the mind become subtle or crude? It will surely become crude.
The very Philosophy of communism makes the mind crude.
In communist society there is no sanctity in moral life – there is want of morality and want of humanity.
Communism is unable to provide the proper environment for the creation of a strong, solid psychic and intellectual structure. Consequently moral stamina – moral sanctity – is lost in a communist society. This phenomenon also took place in India just before the Buddhist era because of the influence of Ca’rvaka philosophy.Although Ca’rvaka philosophy was a protest against Vaedic “bogus-ism”, it was Materialistic in nature.
During that period there was not even a pinch of morality – the society had lost all its moral stamina. This is happening today and will continue to happen in communist countries.Several decades ago one of the leaders of the USSR killed more than 500,000 people and sent many more to labour camps in Siberia in the name of this defective philosophy.And recently it was reported in the newspaper that one million illegitimate children are born each year in a particular communist country.This proves that communism encourages immorality. If immorality goes unabated it will eat away human society and cause doldrums in the social order.Eventually the entire social structure will be destroyed. We cannot tolerate such a philosophy – the very idea of such a philosophy is nauseating.Amongst all the anti-human and homicidal theories that have been formulated in this world, communism is the most barbarous. Therefore it is time for the well-wishers of society to throw it onto the scrap-heap forever.Countries which have both laborious and intellectually developed citizens have rejected communism altogether. Karl Marx was born in Germany but his theory was not accepted by the German people. Similarly, England gave shelter to Marx but it did not accept his theory. The cooperative movement first started in England and the spirit of co-operation is reflected in many aspects of British society. Consequently, Marxism has not been able to get a foothold in Britain.
Japan is surrounded by communist countries like the USSR, North Korea and China but it did not accept communism. The citizens of these countries, as well as those of some other countries, are both industrious and intellectually developed, hence they have rejected Marxism.In India in the nineteen twenties and thirties some meritorious students came in contact with Marxism and half-heartedly accepted it as the best theory out of a bad lot, but they did not embrace it as their ideology of life.
Now the cream of the university students are not attracted to Marxism because it the symbol of intellectual hollowness.The relationship between communism and intellectuality is like the relationship between a snake and a ferret. Just as it is the nature of a ferret to devour a snake, intellectually developed people can easily expose the defects in Marxism.Communism has survived long after the death of Marx, but the philosophy of Gandhi died before India got independence — it died long before Gandhi died.
Communism has survived only due to constant booming and the application of brute force. If constant booming is done for something people start thinking that there must be some truth in what is being propagated.For example, if someone continually says that Gopal is a very bad boy people eventually believe what they are being told and Gopal becomes a bad boy in their eyes. Similarly communists did constant booming of their theory and due to this people became brainwashed. Consequently it was easy to inject an incorrect philosophy into their minds.By constant booming of their wrong theory communists created supporters, but these cadres were intellectually bankrupt. When they were confronted with strong intellectual challenges they began to flounder, so they resorted to brute force.In communist countries the party leaders tried every possible method of oppression – intimidation, suppressing freedom of speech, terrorizing the people, etc — with all their strength to keep the people subdued.
But the conscience of the party leaders eventually revolted against these oppressive methods. This was the reason why the student movement in China could not be suppressed for a long time.Some leaders have also made unsuccessful experiments with different forms of communism. For example, the national socialists of Europe once tried pseudo-communism, while Euro-communism was an attempt to make an adjustment between pseudo-capitalism and pseudo-communism. But can there be an adjustment between pseudo-capitalism and pseudo-communism? ‘Pseudo’, which is a word of Latin origin, does not exactly mean false. It means to some extent like the original but not precisely like the original.
Pseudo-communism means that it seems to be communism but practically it is not. Similarly, pseudo-capitalism is not actually capitalism but something which resembles capitalism. Capitalists like democracy because it is easy for them to remain in power by purchasing votes, as poor people cannot fight elections in a democracy.
Democracy only leads to a sort of procrastinated progress – that is, progress which is not speedy or accelerated.Any theory, principle, idea or proposition must have a firm foundation to stand upon.This is a fundamental necessity. Everything in the physical or psychic spheres moves within the periphery of the three supreme relative factors — time, space and individuality.Theories or propositions are not exceptions to this rule. But the proposition of communism has got no fundamental foot to stand upon.It’s very base is oscillating; hence it is neither a theory, nor a principle, nor a proposition in the true sense.Today communist countries are abandoning the commune system because this rotten and defective system is adversely affecting the health of society.
Moral degradation, corruption and economic inefficiency are causing good shortages and social insecurity amongst the people.
In the past communist leaders used to exhort the people with so called ideological propaganda, but now these leaders themselves have abandoned the path of communism.
Marxism has already failed theoretically and now it is proving to be a complete failure in practice in communist countries.The changes that are occurring in some communist countries the world today may be termed ‘pseudo-revision-ism’.
Pseudo-revisionism is a counter psychic motion and against the seed of a living sprout, hence it can never succeed in the world of Intellectuality.Any policy of pseudo-revisionism is ultravires to the principle of the vital faculty — it is ultravires to the existential faculty.
Such a phenomenon is like the temporary glow of a piece of fire — it only exists for a short period, then after its sad demise, it leaves behind no permanent mark in human history. This will be the fate of communism and this why pseudo-revisionism should be discarded at the very primordial phase.Communism has dead in theory, although it still exists in name.
This dangerous theory has committed many atrocities on society, and as long as it exists in name it will continue to commit more atrocities. In fact, the sins which Marxism have committed have resulted in its annihilation.
All of human society will have to undergo atonement for the sins committed by communism — not even the innocent will be spared. So communism must be finished in name, not just in theory.Proutists should ensure that communism is eradicated in name also as soon as possible.Its continuation is extremely detrimental to human existence.When the reaction starts against any wrong theory which has continued for a long time, the reaction will only last a short time and will be intensely destructive, like a hurricane.Today communism is burning in the fire, of its own failure. The work of the Proutists is to add some fuel to that fire.