Trifarious Expression{corrected from the source below}



2 February 1985, Calcutta, INDIA

[Harbinger , the Global news magazine of AMPS – March 1985]

You know, all expressions in this universe are divided into three strata – physical, psychic and spiritual – and not a single stratum amongst them is unimportant or negligible.

For the integrated development of this world, we want that all these three strata should be properly developed, and their speed should be accelerated.

Not a single stratum is unimportant – neither the physical stratum, nor the psychic world, nor the spiritual world.

For physical development you are to work, you are to create certain physical agencies and be guided by psychic faculties.

For development in the psychic world – you know, the psychic stratum is the controlling faculty of the physical world. So for the development of the psychic world, automatically there will be certain processes which develop the physical world also.

And the spiritual world is the apex point of the psychic world. So in the psychic world there must be spiritual development, there must be spiritual progress.

For the integrated development of the world, not only the human world or the animal world, but the development of the entire animate and inanimate universe, there must be progress in these three arenas.

The psychic world, partly directly and partly indirectly, controls the physical world, and the spiritual world, also controls the psychic world partly directly and partly indirectly.

The psychic world is the apex point of the physical world Mind is the powdered down matter. We cannot neglect, cannot ignore psychic development.

And as the spiritual world is the apex point of the psychic world, for psychic development, for development in different spheres of intellectuality, we cannot neglect the spiritual world; and this was the fault with us; that we neglected the spiritual faculties of human life, we neglected the cardinal spiritual points of life.

Now, if we are want the development of this beautiful universe, we should try more and more to accelerate the speed of spiritual progress.

If this progress, this spiritual progress, this speed, this acceleration, becomes tremendous, then not only in the physical or  psychic or spiritual world of human beings, but also in the entire living world – and not only in the entire animate world, but also in both the animate and inanimate world – there will be tremendous progress and this is what we want.

Now we are anxiously waiting for that crimson dawn in the eastern horizon.