Lady’s Finger (Okra Bhin’d'i Dhenr’ash)

Lady’s finger or okra is a popular all-season vegetable¬ butit is largelù unknown as a fiber crop. The original home of thelady’s finger was Africa. The fruit looks like the finger of alady hence the English name. It was first introduced into Indiain the Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh so it is also called”bhindi.” In Bihar it is known as “ram taroi,” and in Bengali”dhenrash.” Lady’s finger should not be fried because fryingdestroys its food value.
Linseed (Tisi Mosne Chikana’)
Linseed is utilised by extracting oil from the seed and fibersfrom the stalk. The Irish discovered the process of extractingthe fibers from the stalk and called the smooth cloth that wasproduced “linen.”  It was discovered that if the stalk wasallowed to rot a bit the fibers could be separated and made intoa fine thread. The straw is also used as cattle fodder.