“1975, 02 JANUARY”





Nara-Narayana neglected for ages has awakened today. This awakening will initiate a new chapter in human history. You all will be the pioneers of the future trend. A Sádhaka is verily a soldier. The pricks of thorns on the difficult path signify his progress. The collective welfare of the universe is the laurels of his victory.


Despite its advent onto this earth many thousands of years ago, mankind is  not yet capable of building a well-integrated and universal human society. This is, in no way indicative of the glory of human intellect and erudition. You, who have understood the predicament, realized the urgency, seen the naked dance of evil and heard the hypocritical and raucous laughter of the divisive forces, should throw yourselves into this noble task without further delay. When the ends are just and noble, success is inevitable.  – SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI 1-1-1975.

THE PRECEPTOR’s position:

It is a paradox that those who are placed by history on the pinnacle of eternal glorification are generally put to ordeal of endurance in their life-time.

Pressing His four demands, Beloved Bábá is continuing his fast. His fast has crossed 674 days. The Physical laws fail to explain his survival particularly in the jail. He neither can move nor can leave His bed. His condition is really grave, With no person to attend to him from 11-12-1974 and the jail authorities provoked by the C.B.I being violently hostile to Him, anything can happen to Him at any moment.

The Government’s hands are bloody and not the Preceptor’s. The respectable lady who occupies the highest position of the country has least respect for law and course and basic constitutional human rights. She has made nasty statements of matters subjudice to influence the court.

Ánanda Marga, the noble mission is made the scape-goat for all the misdeeds of the Government and consequent wrath of the people against it.

She knows the technique of cooking naked lies to the hungry people lest the power my slip from her hands.

The awakening of the moralists in the country has created a scare among the immorals who wield power today.

What does Preceptor demand?

Releasing from the jail; No; not to hold the trial; No!

Only a judicial enquiry into the poisoning incident on 12th February 1973.

Why should Government feel shy if its hands are not bloody? Has it not kept Him in Jail on concocted charges for three years without trail?

Yes, the history of persecution of his Mission speaks louder than the propaganda of the government and its official and unofficial agents. Things are in black and white. At this stage it cannot be erased.

In 1989, has not the Govt banned the association of Govt servants from the activities of Ánanda Marga without any material facts to ban it. The Supreme Court had to come to the rescue of Margiis staying the Govt order.

Govt of India requires no facts to issue false statements on a moralist man making mission like Ánanda Marga.

It had not the courtesy to reply any of the letters written by the ailing Preceptor from the jail regarding the tortures meted out to Him. Instead it had created all the troubles within its reach to liquidate Him and His Great Mission.

In April 1973 when Acarya Divyananda Avt self-immolated in Patna to awaken the conscience of humanity against the tortured meted out to Preceptor, govt concocted the story that a corpse had been brought and burnt.

Further it ransacked the Patna Office and arrested all the workers on charges of murder.

Acarya Dineshwarananda’s self-immolation at Delhi after a few days and consequent arrest of Press Photographers who recorded the sequence angered the Govt further as its earlier stories were exposed. One of the witnesses against the Government in the self-immolation case, Miss Patrice, was killed in a so called accident.

Who is responsible for the death of Ac Atulanandaji who immolated in Patna jail on Dec 11, 1974? Has he not given notice to the jail authorities about his act?

Why did the search party stole Bábá’s ring and did not care to return it in time even after a written request to the Governor? Why did the jail authorities prevent  the General Secretary from meeting Ac Atulanandaji who could have dissuaded him from committing self-immolation. Who supplied kerosene for the act and what action the govt has taken against them?

These are all some pertinent question, which are to be answered by the Govt.

Can govt still charge that Ánanda Marga is violent?

Under the very nose of Police in 1967 March 5, five dedicated workers were butchered at Ánanda Nagar.

The callousness and collusion of Police and Govt authorities have been exposed in the Midnapore Judgment in 1970 in which a Block development Officer was also convicted.

In 1969 again, Ravi Sarkar was killed by Marxists at Cooch-Bihar, where Police watched the scene.

The concocted charges of murder on the Preceptor have been already once processed by the committal magistrate and again by the Patna High court against the Govt. Still the Govt. is bent upon destroying

the mission without any shame.

Yes, the government can fool some people for some time. But truth cannot be hidden for a long time. Skeletons from Govt’s cupboard have pulled out by Mr. Willam.T.Wells, a British lawyer and Queen’s Counsel in his report on Ánanda Marga Society. Much more is revealed in the Chakraborti Commission report about the heinous acts of Government and its agents.

It is after a careful study of the case Amnesty International took up the case with the Government of India.

Now, we leave it to the people’s conscience to know whether Ánanda Marga is indulging in violence and murder or is it a historical moralist mission serving the people through its Schools, colleges, orphanages, students Home, sisters homes, retiring homes, medical units, relief teams, art, cultural and socio-spiritual wings.