• Shrii P.R.SARKAR

Let me mention first that I don’t believe in ghosts, spirits, hell and heaven. It is because behind them I couldn’t find any logic.

I understand that ghosts, spirits and the super-natural things are nothing but the play of mind in the guise of super-naturality. Because of the difference of the psychic and the physical environment or its possibility, the spirits and the like take their rise in the different strata of the mind and have their fall also therein.

Here I present a few factual experienced incidents to the readers. Considering the persons who are lovers of Psychology I did not color the incidents with imagination and for their convenience a little introduction to every story has been given.

Of course, I have altered the names of actors and actresses. And to avoid a sense of terror, some changes have been made, I did not try to analyze the story by myself since the readers might not have appreciated it. Later on, I have a desire to do it. Let me clarify it that all the I’s in the story are not I.