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Sádhaná is an endeavou to remove one’s own pervertion(internal distortions) – an effort to extract the pure gold discarding the impurities. And so the ultimate result of Sadhana is to establish oneself in one’s own original nature or form.

The sacred duty, the sole mission of the life of spiritual aspirant is to wage a ceaseless fight against the repercussions due to filthy-selfishness, the impurity which is gradually instilled as a consequence of the influence of nature.

To liberate the Puruśabháva(THE CONSCIOUS PART OF ONE’S BEING) from the bondage of the witness-ship of these self-same perversion, one should not cast off the perverted counter-part of one’s own being rather one’s duty should be to fuse/blend/combine it(one’s perverted counterpart) in the fire of sádhaná thus converting it into its very essence.

Then there would remain not the least difference between the witnessing counter-part and the purified form of the perverted being melted in the fire of sádhana.

As soon as the perverted counterpart is dissolved, the Puruśa(consciousness) being liberated from the bondage of witness-ship, is readily established into the pure Consciousness free from all samskaras(hence without the possibility of rebirth).

The first material conversion (crudification) of consciousness in the individual or collective body, is in Mahat-tattva, from then onwards, it goes on developing till perfection.

If we call it the process of Anuloma vyávasthá/succession (descending order of metamorphosis) then we should call sádhaná, the process of pratilom vyávasthá (ascending order of evolution).

That is, in the process of sádhaná, one is to move from crude to subtle, from mind towards consciousness, beyond the scope of mind.

Now, the question arises, will this physical world loose its existence, when the unit consciousness or microcosm gradually leads itself towards subtleness?

(1)       In Natural way (2) contrary to the natural course.

In reply, I should say that this physical world is not the creation of unit mind, it has been created by the imagination of the Cosmic mind.

So, as long as the unit mind maintains its existence, this illusory world created by the cosmic Mind, which is much stronger, then the unit mind must also maintain its existence.

When this unit mind, being pinnacled merges itself into the Cosmic Mind even then, this illusory world will exist.

However, then it would exist, not as the relative truth around, but it will exist as its own different flows of imagination (of the Cosmic Mind).

And when unit mind, manages to get its pinnacled existence merged into the Cosmic Consciousness, instead of the Cosmic mind, this illusory world will also readily be annihilated as a consequence of the absence Cosmic Mind.

So, in the process of attainment of this Niskala Purusa(perfect or integrated entity) one should gradually try to keep one’s mind aloof from this illusory world and in course of removing one’s mind from this apparent world, when there would be no existence of this illusion at all, it is to be understood then that the spiritual aspirant has been established in his original state.

The manifestation of this Phenomenal world has been possible because of the movement of the cosmic mind from subtle to crude.

The mind has been converted to ethereal form due to this self came curdification and has come within the scope of perception of the unit mind.

This ethereal factor, due to further crudifiation has been converted into a real form, thus being more easily perceptible to the unit mind.

This aerial factor, due to further crudification has been converted to luminous form and has become the object of visionary power of the eye organ of human being.

This luminous factor, in the process of crudification, is converted to liquid factor which serves as the drink of living beings.

This liquid factor too on its way towards crudification has been converted into solid factor.

Then, we see that in the process of Anuloma, the crude psychic growth from subtler idea, is subject to more and more sensory organs.

So, in the process of Pratilom, the crudest objects are first withdrawn and then, gradually advancing towards the subtle, the ethereal factors are finally withdrawn and the process of Bhutashuddhi is accomplished in the life of a spiritual aspirant.

The first battle which a sádhaka has to fight standing on the ground of Yama Niyama is this Pratyáhára Sádhaná (the process of withdrawal) or the fight against the vast illusive world.

Yathaeva vimbaḿ mrdayopaliptaḿ

Tejomayaḿ bhrájate tat sudhántam

Tadvátmatattvám preasmiikśya dehii

Ekah krthártho bhavate viitashokah

Do you know what a human being is like?

He is jus t like a piece of lack-lustre, impure gold ore. It is quite natural that it would contain impurities. But if this same piece comes in the hand of a good metallurgist, then its impurities are dissolved by heating and some other similar process, and this self same piece would become pure and radiant.

As the paleness of gold is bound to disappear as a result of burning similarly you should make your mind free from impurities by means of sádhana(here its action is like that of fire).

Then let it have a dip in the holy water of yama and niyama, and intelligent person never makes improper use of a thing or leaves it unused.

Convert the burden of the impure gold, which you have been carrying along with you, into your asset by applying proper method.

Selfishness is not your own nature, it is nothing but the repercussion inflicted by Prakrti upon you.

So if you want to realize your nature you must never give loose reins to this repercussion.

In fact this perversion based on your mind is homogeneous to the mind itself; that is, whenever  mind exists, there must exist pleasure, the positive faculty, and pain, the negative faculty of mind, side by side.

If these two do not remain either dormant or expressed, the mind would not be able to maintain its existence?

Centering the Mahattattva separately.

Again whenever this perversion, that is, pleasure or pain becomes excessive that is, it reaches a higher degree, the living being is deviated a long way from its consciousness, which is its own nature.

So, I should call that self-same person a just or successful man who has been able to convert himself to pure gold by freeing himself from the perversion due to pleasure or pain by means of Sádhaná.

Yadátmatattvena tu brahmatattvaḿ

If one wants to procure proper knowledge regarding Brahma, it is only possible through knowledge of the self.

Diipopameneha yuktah parpashyet

Ajaḿ dhruvaḿ sarvatattvaervishuddhaḿ

Jiṋátvá devaḿ mucyate sarvapáshaeh

You can not realize Him by your knowledge of psychology because He is beyond the scope of your Mind.

It is even more impossible to realize Him with the help of your sensory organs which are cruder than the Mind.

HE is beyond all scope of perception.

The crude sensory organs arenothing but the cruder manifestation of the perverted mind-stuff.

This perverted mind cannot perceive Him, even though it can claim to possess a certain degree of subtleness, because the unit mind-stuff is capable of assimilating the knowledge of the limited beings only.

In order to sustain the idea of Brahma, the Infinite Being, one must be established in HIS idea, and the moment this is accomplished the bondage of the static principle is readily broken, torn and citta(the mind-stuff) dissolves.

As soon as the Citta is dissolved, the existenceof the Unity Aham and the Unit Mahat, the controlling factors of the Unit Citta, becomes unnecessary, that is the entire existenceof the Unit Mind is relieved.

After the liquidification of the Unit Mind, there remains the Pure Conscisouness only.

But the attainment or non-attainment of this pure Consciousness is all the same to the spiritual aspirant because, with the liquidificaton of the Unit Mind, the Unit consciousness reflected upon Unit Mind unifies itself with the Supreme consciousness, the fundamental entity, without giving any scope for temporal difference.

That is, as soon as the spiritual aspirant realize the Theory of the self, he realizes that the Theory of the Self and the Theory of Brahma are identical in nature.

There can be no separate existence of these two as soon as the mental impurities are removed.

So long as this feeling of separate existence remains, the unit being finds an association with the various entities in this multifarious flow of imagination and tries to attain many things with his incomplete, partial knowledge, that is, he renders himself a slave of many diverse entities.

As long as the unit mind maintains its existence its controlling factors – time, space andperson must also remain existent.

That which is beyond the scope of time space andperson is the only eternal thing,the transcendental theory and the rest are all merely relative theories.

Sadhana is the self same effort to relieve the unit-consciousness from unit Mind, which sustains allthese relativities, andthis struggle for liberation isnothing but the ceaseless effort to attain complete freedom of the unit consciousness from the slavery of pashas and ripus.

The merits and demerits of a person or the degree of bondage are ascertained according to vrttis(propensities).

These vrttis may be of different types such as those related to body, those related to Samskara or those related to education etc.

Amongst these cases except where accumulated momentum(sam’skaras) determines the vrttis, that is, where action is guided by Samskaras, (in all other cases) the unit mind freely directs itself in the channels ofdifferent vrttis.

That vrtti may be good as well as bad also.

A particular person, will direct his mental strength along a particular line in most of the cases(except due to the case of samskaras) this choice depends upon the influence of body, education and environment.

So, in order to maintain purity of propensities it is essential to maintain the purity of body, samskaras and environment.

So it is found that it is not utterly impossible to convert a common human being to an ideal person by his honest neighbours.

I may call this combined effort of the honest neighbours, the sanctification of the body, education and environment of the individual being by the collective mind.

We well know and realize that it would be impossible for an honest person to retain his honesty if the educational system, environment etc become erroneous.

So it is not at all impossibleforan honest person to turn dis-honest because of the educational system or environment.

In our practical life, we give the paramount place to those very persons who knowingly or unknowingly are inducing cosmic feeling into the unit mind.

Those very persons are looked upon as the burden of the society who put too much importance upon the unit mind(that is the unit centred ego-feeling), as a result of which they see difference in each thing.

In the society you would see that the self same priest who goes on giving high-sounding lectures on dharma is seen to be engaging himself in quarrels with his clients for his own dues.

The self same person whose cheeks are bedewed with tears while saying “God is everything” wants to keep away from the cobbler, dosad, chandal, mohammedan and wants to retain his sanctity by saving himself from any contact with such persons.

Again there are people who take food after offering it to God, and try to know who cooked that food.

You should know that all these are nothing but analytical tendencies of the unit mind. That is those who give loose reins to such a sense of analysis who want to drive away God abominably, and thus it is impossible for them to attain Him, In order to attain Him, this unit Mind based on the sense of discrimination must overflow with this divine flwo, there is no other way except this, in the temple of Jagannath, potato-curry would not be cooked, it is prohibited because potato is a foreign-vegetable and arum curry is prescribed because arum is an Indian vegetable.

How ludicrous!

In Jagannath (the Lord of the Universe) is there any discrimination between native country and foreign country, between the Ganga and the Jordan?

In Him, all countries are His own, everything is within His mind being created by His Holy atoms and molecules.

They (all created beings) have been resounding with His ideation. In fact, the propagators of such analytic tendencies are the greatest enemies of human races.

In every age they are the very persons who caused a stream of blood to flow in the name of Religion, these are the very persons who wanted to convert the human race into static dolls, by introducing the fear of heaven and hells, ghosts etc., by every possible means.

In order to hide their own capabilities, these groups of vested interests have tried and are trying to cheris this very sense of discrimination in innumerable ways.

That very person who knows Brahma is Brahmana. Because this explanation is difficult, they have declared that the son of a Vipra is vipra, the son of Brhaman is also a Brahmana and with the help of such declaration, they have befooled the downtrodden silly people for ages.

But you should know that the message of liberation is not with them.

They only possessthe chains to bind you, they don’t possess the vigour to sing thesong of liberation.

Their eyes do not glitter with the glory of universalism.

If you observe, you will find a shrewd, cunning greedy look in their eyes. For  the first time in the history of human civilization, Buddha challenged this deviousness, this hoarseness, this naked voraciousness.

He openly declared.

“Na jaccá pasalo hoti na jaccá hoti Bráhmańa

Kammaná basalo hoti Kammana hoti Bráhmańa.

One does not become mean by birth, one does not become Brahman(one who has known Brahma) by mere birth also.

A man became known as mean according to his actions, again a man becomes known as Brahman according to his own actions, that is by realizing Brahma in everything, thereby establishing himself in Abhedjinana(the knowledge of the Supreme one).

Brahman is neither a caste, nor a rank, it is the Great Cosmic entity established in Universalism.

Shrii Caetanya Mahaprabhu had also sung the same song, like Buddha.

He said:

Cańd́al cańd́al nay yadi Krśńa bale,

Dvija dvija nay yadi asatpathe cale.

In fact, the man who takes the ideation of this Brahma, is established in beginningless, endless infinite life free from all shackles of bondages. He no longer carries any designation of a Brahma or a can’d’al.

Yes, his physical body is called Brahman by the common people. In order to attain this transcendental feeling, the three – knowledge(wisdom), devotion and action(these three) are essential although knowledge and action becomes somehow less important in comparison to devotion. Knowledge and action are required as an auxiliary to devotion.

Again, if knowledge and action are not performed as a means to attain devotion, they would become a burden only.

The more you work, the more you try to realize Brahma by means of your knowledge.

Without exercising knowledge and action as a means to develop love for Brahma, you will ultimately find nothing but a zero in your credit book(that is you would gain nothing).

So in order to attain that Brahma, the main stream of Sadhana should be the sincere effort to surrender your self -identity with the help of devotion.

He is, the past, the present and the future (He is beyond the bondage of generation, operation and destruction because He is beyond the scope of time) is the purest entity.

This very entity(Aja Brahma) is the only real entity.

If one can saturate oneself with the ideation of this Supreme Brahma one can realize this Supreme God, the pashas (the bondages of mind) have not the least opportunity to maintain their existence.

To realize Him to attain Him is termed as Mukti(the liberation).

Eśa ha devah pradisho’nusarváh purvo ha játah sau garbhe antah

Sa eva játah sa janiśyamáńah pratyauṋ janáḿstiśt́hati sarvatomukhah.

In common parlance, this physical entity appears to be crude, but can you really neglect this as merely crude object?

The thing which you neglect owing to your ignorance, is nothing but a mental projection of that self same Cosmic Entity, is it not? When a man judges a thing with partial vision only then he feels either attraction for or contempt against that particular object, he then ignores a relative object because of his relative knowledge about it.

But if we go a little deeper we can easily find out that the one we call a relative entity, is nothing but the spatial, temporal and personal expression of that self same Supreme Entity.

Example: the development scheme which you have undertaken in this Saharsa district. It is wrong to look upon these works as partial.

This Saharsa is a part and parcel of Brahma, so, to serve it is to serve Brahma.

Brahma is inour Pradisha(east, west, north, south, upwards and downwards) and in Anudisha (NE, NW, SE SW) everywhere, so to a Brahma –sadhaka(one who meditates upon Brahma) all countries are equally sacred, all the directions are equally attractive.

He knows that whatever was created in the past in this universe and whatever is in the process of creation are all expressions of Brahma so they all are equally respectable.

Whatever has been created is being created, these are all but He.

He being versatile and the witnessing entity of all that has been created, has been manifesting Himself through each and every expression of His all the time.

Being frantic with the pride of your own unit existence, you should never think that you can do something be avoiding His supervision.

He has been watching your each and every work big or small. Each auspicious or inauspicious thought-wave is being created, developed and destroyed in a portion of His vast mental ocean, so the minutest portion of your thought-wave can scarcely remain hidden from Him.

If you deny Him in a frenzy of pride, He would only smile.

Leaving aside pride, if you move towards Him, with the longing of your heart, He would set you on His very lap.

This versatility of His has made Him so closely attached to each unit existence. Each deep thought of the secret corner of your mind is as clear as the sunshine to Him. If you steal He would see it. If the police arrest you, He would also see it. You know that you have committed a theft, so He also knows that you have committed theft.

You know that the police have arrested you for committing that theft, so He, too knows that the police have arrested you for your committing theft.

To get rid of the punishment, if you say to the police – No, I have not committed a theft, you know that you are telling a life. So HE too knows that you are telling a lie.

So He too knows that you are telling a lie.

If the dishonest police set you free after receiving money as a bribe from you, you know that the police have accepted a bribe, so He also knows that the police have accepted a bribe.

If the same police, tries to should honest duty afterwards, you know that the man is nothing but an infernal insect, so He too knows that the man is no better than an infernal insect.

That He is everywhere is quite right and it would be still more correct if you say that He is everything as the perishable entity, and He is the knower of all things as Aksara(undestructible entity).

The Rsis has said:

Yo devah agnao yah apsu yo vishvaḿ bhuvanamávivesha,

Ya ośadhiiśu yo vanapatiśu tasmae deváya namonamah.

That which we see as fire is nothing but the luminous expression of His destructible counterpart.

You will experience Him according to the benevolent or destructive outlook with which you look towards Him.

With the same fire, you can cook food, again you can reduce a house holder’s house to ashes as well.

So the fault does not befall on His manifestation as fire but it be falls on your action and intellect.

What we see as water is nothing but the liquid manifestation of His destructible counterpart.

He is extensively disseminated into the entire universe. The medicinal plants are nothing but the condensed from of his immense love.

The Vanaspatis have been continuously propagating His majesty and magnanimity. I wholeheartedly offer my salutation to that Supreme God, the God of all of gods.

“Ya eko jálavániishata iishaniibhih sarvánlokániishata iishaniibhih

Ya evaeka udbhave sambhave ca ya etadviduramrtáste bhavanti.

That supreme God is really an expert magician. Have you ever attended a magic show? The magician, with the help of his magical power, spreads his mental strength over a certain area.

The unit minds who are present there starts vibrating in the same mental flow of the magician.

Generally it is a bit difficult to bring other’s restless mind under the mental strength of one’s mind, so the magician, in the beginning uses a black curtain or a candle or a dark mirror or mirror of any bright colour.

Sometimes he plays upon a flute, or asks a part of the audience to clap, in this way, he makes their mind concentrated for the time being, and in that interval, he extends his own net of deceptive appearance over their concentrated minds.

The audience visualize, that the pigeon which he set flying vanishes before their very eyes, big slabs of stone emerge from an unseen world and so many such things. But the magician, standing silently,has been simply imagining and capturing the minds of a few persons by his magic power and seeing his magic play, the audience are spell bound. They are playing at laughing and singing.

But the magician, although he has been watching them laughing, crying, singing and dancing as the witnessing entity, is not befooled because he knows that all these are mere fraud.

In such a way, Saguna Brahma has been constructing and destructing all these universal affairs within His profound scope of imagination, but he himself remains unchangeable as the Purusottama, unmoved in the midst of this creation. In His created world full of so many diversities, someone is laughing, someone dancing, someone is crying.

Someone is being bewildered with grief and sorrow, pain and anguish and someone has been bragging about this and that He is the witnessing entity of all these.

But He is not being affected by the actions and the reactions of the Divine Play(Liila).

He has been capturing everyone by His infinite mental capacity.

All things, have emerged from Him are being merged in Him. He knows that each of these entities is devoid of the Supreme truth that is why seeing these, He does not become fascinated.

But the one, who has Known Him, has realized Him, has  verily become onewith Him and has established himself within that Absolute entity who is but the divine ocean of nectar(that is the sweetest entity).

The magic of a magician is shown before the ignorant people. But the credit, the artifice of a magician is seen as false before the very person who knows the art, the trick behind this magic show. The magician draws that very person as the one belonging to his own side.

Eko hi rudro na dvitiiyáya tasthur

Ya imánnllokhániishata iishaniibhii

Pratyaunjanáḿstiśt́ate saincukopantakále

Saḿsrjya vishvábhuvanáni gopáh.

There is the self-same great entity who has been controlling each and every object of this universe consisted of seven lokas(worlds) by His own Divine power.

He is only one because, if we start analyzing this visible world, the number of factors or objects increases, but if these innumerable objects are justified with synthetic outlook by the proper application of intuition, it is seen that these are but the expression of that single entity.

Again, this single entity can unify the many created by His own determination with His own self by means of His contracting capacity.

If that self-same entity, causes the universe, which is the creation of His own imagination, then there would not be scope for synthesis at all, that is, all entities would be merged in absolute oneness.

That very great entity is the creator of this universe.

He is not only the creator, but also He is the one who is merged in every atom and molecule of the created objects.

Vishvatashcakśuruta vishvatomukho vishvato báhuruta Vishvataspát

Sa báhuyáḿ dhamati sampatatraedyávábhúmi janayan deva ekah.

Can you say where He is not existent? He is present everywhere (omnipresent, HE is seeing everything. You can say He is having innumerable eyes as HE is seeing numberless things at the same time. You are surrounding by HIM on all sides with His innumerable eyes watching you.

Not a single action of yours can be concealed from Him.

He is having innumerable mouths and He has been talking in innumerable ways with these incessant number of mouths and HE has been devouring up this universe in innumerable ways.

O you stupid creature !

Where will you flee away?

He is everywhere. He is everything.

Can you say where He does not exist? He exists everywhere. He witnesses everything. When He witnesses the infinite number of objects simultaneously He is called Anatacakśu (having an infinite number of eyes). He surrounds each entity with His innumerable eyes, and thus it is impossible for anyone to do anything secretly. He is also Anantamukha (having an infinite number of mouths) and thus conveys His ideas in countless ways. He is withdrawing the creative flow within Him in countless ways. “O foolish creature where will you escape? He is everywhere, He is everything.”

Ácha anala anile cira nabhoniile

Bhúdhare ságare gahane.

Ácho vit́apii latáy Jalader gáy

Graha tarakáy tapane.

[You exist in the fire and in the air; You remain in the vast blue void, The lofty mountain and the silent depths of the ocean. You are in the creepers and climbers, You are in the clouds, stars, moon and sun.]

Those who think that one must leave the company of one’s near and dear in order to attain Him, they are verily mistaken.

Those who deny this family environment created by HIM, they do HIM injustice.

What else should I call them patients suffering from mental disease? He is having incessant hands. He has been continuously calling towards you. Will you not turn towards Him?

He has been operating everything of this universe as His mere playthings with His powerful hands. He has been tossing them. You stupid human beings! What makes you proud?

Before whom do you show your haughtiness? He is having numberless feet.

The dynamic flow of this universe is being swayed or oscillated by the very touch of the dust of His feet. He is the creator of whatever entities are made of the five fundamental factors and whatever ideas are beyond the scope of the five fundamental factors.

Your crude body is also the creation of His mental scope. Your mental arena, too, has been created and rests within the vast expanse  of His mental region.

You can not conceal even the slightest thought from Him.

Even if you yourself forget what you have been thinking or what you have thought, He won’t forget it.

Tatah paraḿ brahmaparaḿ brhantaḿ

Yathánikáyam sarvabhúteśu gúd́ham

Vishvasyaekaḿ pariveśt́itáram

Iishaḿ taḿ jiṋátvámrtá bhavanti.

This Parama Brahma is superior to all other entities. He can not be compared to any other entity. A comparison is possible between two different entities only when there is at least some similarity regarding merits and demerits.

Comparing the Himalaya with Vindhyacala, you can say that those two are somewhat similar in nature, yet, one is big and the other is small, the one is extensively covered with snow and the other is somewhat dry and rough etc.

In this way, you can compare the Indian ocean with Pacific ocean to some extent.

Again comparing an ocean with a well you can say that one is so big and the other is very small. But you cannot compare anything with the beginning less endless supreme Brahma because He is beyond the scope of Human Mind.

He is very great and at the same time, He is beginningless and endless. If you want to show Him, as a small entity, then you must show another entity which is small but resembles Him.

But as beginningless and endlessness are His very nature, then that small object must necessarily be beginningless and endless.

But a small object can never be beginningless and endless.

So it is absolutely impracticable either to make an idol of Brahma or to worship that idol as Brahma.

This Great Entity is deeply merged with every entity, He is within your own self as a secret entity.

You will find Him as the knower of your existence by synthetic outlook.

He is even the knower of your “I” feeling.

This entire universe has been surrounded by HIS Supreme Entity.

He is there, too, where creation is not prominent.

His Lordship is there where creation is prominent, His Lordship is over there, too, where creation is less prominent. He is even the witnessing entity of the unmanifested worlds like the milky ways, nebulas etc.

Again, that self same entity is the witnessing entity of your developed intellect.

This nebula or human intellect, all these are dynamic, neither do they remain static nor will.

They remain so but He is the eternal entity.

He is full of equal sweetness, in the past, the present and the future.

The living beings can attain eternal life only if they can know Him, can be established in Him.

Vedáhametaḿ Puruśaḿ mahántam ádityavarńaḿ tamasah parastát;

Tameva viditvátimrtyumeti nányah panthá vidyate’yanáya.

The Rsi(sage) has uttered, — I have known that Great Entity. He is very great because I can compare nobody with Him.

He is full of white effulgence due to the excess of sentient force. That bright white effulgence of His destroys all darkness. He was, HE is, and He will remain.

So thus it is only possible for one to surmount death if one can know Him.

There is no other way left to get rid of the terrible grip of death except by meditating upon Him.

Yasmát paraḿ náparasmati kiiṋcid

Yasmánnáńiiyo na jya yo’sti kiiṋcit

Brkśa iva stavdho divi tiśt́hatyeka

Stenedaḿ Púrńam puruśeńa sarvam.

There is no other second entity, above Him. Nobody can claim supremacy above Him. The pride of supremacy of all others is reduced to dust before His Greatness.

His manifestation as a molecule is so minute that no second entity can claim its smallness. He is so Great as the Supreme Authority of this entire creative manifestation, that no other second can claim His vastness. He is being established as a big tree in the midst of complete serenity and tranquility as the witnessing entity in the subtler corner of the subtle living entity as the Supreme Consciousness. Again, that self-same Great Entity, being penetrated individually and collectively in every entity has been maintaining the fullness of everything.

In order to measure this minuteness initially, you may think that molecules are the subtlest particle. If you find that your assumption is incorrect there are particles even subtler then molecules and these are atoms.

If you engage yourself in further analysis you will get so many particles like electron, proton, neutron etc.

In course of analyzing, the functioning capacity of your mind will be lost, even then, your analysis will not come to an end.

It implies that you cannot measure His minuteness in any case.

Same as the case of His vastness. Go on synthesizing, finally you will lose the functioning capacity of your mind, but it would remain impossible for the unit mind to measure His Greatness.

But this universe is composed of innumerable minute particles of Him and this universe is existent as an integrated vast manifestation of Him.

Yato yaduttarat́araḿ tadrúpamaná mayam

Ya etadviduramrtáste bhavantyathetare duhkhamevápiyati.

Go on analyzing the theory of cause and effect. Seeing the causes, reach its effect. Reaching there, you will find that the cause is nothing but the effect form of some previous cause.

When you will reach the effect from the cause, you will find that cause is but the effect of something else. The cause of Rasgolla( a kind of Indian sweet item) is milk, and milk is the effect of cow. In this way, you will get the theory of cause and effect as an uninterrupted chain, and moving along this chain the point where your mind will be bound to stop functioning, being exhausted, that is the cause, of which your will get no previous cause, that is the cause which itself remains as a Cause, which is not the effect of another Cause, which is the cause of all, but itself having no cause, that very entity is Brahma.

He is the father of this universe but He Himself is self-created(Svayambhu).

So, He is called “Khuda”.

Having no previous Cause, it is not possible to minimize it or to symbolize it, it is also not possible for it to have any particle form or container.

He who has known Brahma in this way, attain eternal life.

He who does not try to know Brahma in this way, but tries to attain Brahma in a limited way, by worshipping idols, or singing hymns for Him, imposing diversity or caste sentiments on Brahma, worships those separate tendencies, must obviously be overwhelmed with grief. Those mean-minded persons, who worship Brahma with worldly-mindedness, suffer a very dreadful fate in the long run.

One has to realize that Supreme Consciousness by means of one’s devotion, sincerity and concentration.

Only then, the final emancipation from the three kinds of afflictions (psycho-physical, psycho-spiritual and spiritual afflictions) is possible and then only one will be established in eternal life. The medium by which one’s affliction is removed is “Artha”.

The affliction due to hunger is removed by food, so food or the means to achieve food is called Artha. The suffering due to ailment is removed by medicine, so medicine or the means to procure medicine is called Artha.

But Artha(here money) cannot remove one’s distress permanently. Hunger is satisfied today but tomorrow again, you will get hungry.

You recover from illness today, but tomorrow you may again fall ill anytime; that’s why money cannot yield permanent relief or permanent security. But that every entity by which one obtains relief from earthly ties, not only that, by which the possibility of rebirth is permanently removed, that entity is called Brahma.

In His attainment lies ultimate relief, final abatement of all ailments, all afflictions, He is the only dependable panacea for all pervertions, all distortions of the unit mind.

Nányah panthá vidyate ayanáya – “there is no other way excepting this”.

Kárttik Púrńimá 1956 DMC, Supaul