Glimpses of Early Days and A’nanda Nagar

Ananda Duta – Ananda Purnima issue 1956
The central office (temporary) of A’nanda Marga Pracaraka Sam’gha has been opened at Sadar Bazar in Jamalpur. The newly opened offices should facilitate better communication among the Margiis. It is a matter of great happiness to announce that a piece of land has been arranged in the meantime at Jamalpur for the construction of our Jagriti building which will begin soon.
MARGA BANDHU BELOVED BABA gave special instructions to family tattvikas and Acaryas on June 20, 1956.

Ananda Duta New Years Day Issue 1957
The Hindi version of Subhasita Samgraha Part I, a book on A’nanda Marga Philosophy will be published next February.

Captain Belacho Jamane, the police chief of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, Africa had an audience with Shrii Shrii A’nandamu’rti, on last January 11th.

He has a keen desire to assist in pracara work in Africa.

Ananda Duta May issue 1957
District committees have been organised in the following places:   Allahabad -R.P.Jaiswal is the district secretary,   Santhal Parganas- Akhauri Himachal Prasad IPS is the district Secretary.   Darbhanga – Giridhar Narayan Lal, Advocate is the district Secretary.

Ananda Duta , December issue 1957
The Central Committee formed in 1955 was reorganized in Dec of 1957 according to the efficiency of individual members of the committee.

The members of the re-elected central committee are as follows:

1. Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar (Jamalpur) President

2. Pranay Kumar Chattopadhyay (Jamalpur) Gen Sec’y

3. Sukumar Bose (Jamalpur) member

4. Shishir kumar Dutta(Jamalpur) member

5. Candranath kumar (Bhagalpur) member

6. Shivshankara Banerjee (Bhagalpur) member

7. Bindeshvarii Singh (Jamalpur) member

8. Jitendra Tyagi(Delhi)member

9. Dasharth Singh(Jamalpur) member

10. Haraprasad Haldar(Krishnagar, WB) member

11. Nagendra Prasad Shrivastava (M’pur) member

12. Mahadeva Prasad (Bhagalpur) member

13. Indra Dev Gupta(Katihar) member

14. Vivekananda Singh(Jamalpur) member

15. Sushil Chandra Dhar (Jamalpur) member

16. Arun Kumar Mazumdar (Monghyr) member

17. Virendra kumar Asthana(Allahabad) member

Ananda Duta Ananda Purnima issue 1958

Construction of AM High school building in Tharwai near Allahabad is nearly complete.

The wedding of Bindeshvarii Prasad, a student of darshan Shah College , Katihar to kumari Shanti Devi was solemnized as per the Ananda Marga system. It is noteworthy that no dowry changed hands in this marriage. The thoughtful people in that place praised the Ananda Marga marriage system which is free from dowry.

In January the shraddha ceremony for the late father of Ishvara Dev was conducted as per Marga rites.

Ananda Duta January issue 1959

Young men and women in Marga are increasingly eager to build a new social order on the basis of Ananda Marga Ideology.

The periods from Feb 8th to March 7th and from April 1st to April 30th have been declared “SAMAJ MONTH” for laying the foundation of a new society that will discard casteism, provincialism, nationalism and religion.

During the social months, men and women of marriageable age will be encouraged to marry according to the AM system.
According to our system of marriage consideration of caste, dowry, receptions disproportionate to one’s income and solemnization by priests are totally prohibited.
Those who will bravely participate in creation of a new society will be honoured by Marga BANDHU BELOVED BABA with the title of Jiiva Mitram( friend of all beings).

In May of 1959, Renuka, the daughter of Saccidananda Shrivastava was married to Sunil kumar as per the AM system. ON the same day Madan Mohan of Muzaffarpur was married according to the Marga system.

Pragati Varta, issue 1960

Marga Bandhu Beloved Guru went to Muzaffarpur again in July. In the presence of Marga Bandhu Beloved Guru, Prithvi Sharan Singh was married to Indumati, the niece of Acarya Gaungasharan, according to the AM system.

Pragati varta issue 1961
On 5th June in the presence of Marga Bandhu – Beloved Baba, Dr. Amarnath Chakravarti was married to Nirmala Devi, the daughter of Ac’ Giridhar Narayan according to the AM system. It was solemnized by Ac’ Pranay kumar and Ac’ Candranath. The marriage was intercaste and interstate and many sadhakas from different parts of Bihar participated.
Devicharan, the Deputy Superintendent of Police of Sahebjanj also married Shatrughna Prasad and Ramakanta were married similarly.

Acarya and tattvika training will be conducted at the central jagriti at Jamalpur according to following schedule:

Date                                       Tattvika training                Acarya training

August & Sept                    8th to 14th                            15th to 21st

Dec & Jan                             8th to 14th                            15th to 21st