“1955, 9 JANUARY”


(BABA’s discourse on Shrávańii Púrńimá: 07-08-1979 at Calcutta) published and printed by Avt. An. Bharati on behalf of WWD of AMPS.

Editress: Avt An Bharati Ac’

After having engaged myself for a long time in social work, when I thought of making man within a comparatively short period, I established Ananda Marga on January 9, 1955. Of course Ananda Marga came into existence even earlier but it was officially announced in 1955. However the name Ananda Marga came still later. I decided this name after a few months, i.e., on the Shrávańii Púrńimá of 1955. Today, it is also Shrávańii Púrńimá. I gave first initiation on this day of Shrávańii Púrńimá in 1939 here at Calcutta. Thereafter I had been either at Calcutta or in Bengal on the Shrávańii Púrńimá day during these years.

This is 1979 and so after long 40 years I am at Calcutta on Shrávańii Púrńimá day. 40 years is a long period.

A man of 39 years is a sufficiently grown up man. Many of you have not attained that age. Perhaps many in Ananda Marga and many Avadhutika/s are not yet 39. In 1955 when we had discussed our future plan we had decided that in coming 15 years we would organise in a nice way in India.

That means we will organise in India till 1970 and in outside India thereafter. But we started our work outside India before 1970. Our program was to work in outside India for 15 years and then intensively in the whole world. And then if you can arrange rocket we will spread on other planets also. And why not? I do not say that i will not hold D.M.C in other planets. So, according to the scheme we should have spread over the whole world roughly by 1985. But we are six years in advance and we have exceeded the target because as I have said in Ananda Sutram: Bádhá sá yuśamáná shaktih sevyaḿ sthápayati lakśye.

bádhá = obstacle; sá (fem.) = that; juśamána = helping; shaktih = force; sevyaḿ = one who [[deserves to be served]]; sthápayati = establishes; lakśye (7th case) = in the target, in the goal

[Obstacles are the helping forces that establish one in the goal.]

Since tremendous obstacles have come in our way and fighting against these obstacles we have marched ahead, we have been able to do more work in a comparatively less period. I tell you that you must not be afraid of obstacles. Whatever be the magnitude of the obstacle, fight against it and march ahead. Obstacles come only to give you inspiration to fight against it. What are these obstacles? As i have said these obstacles are nothing but pebble stones on the way. When you walk on the road, you may find many a pebble stone to obstruct your speed. Trample them to pieces and go ahead.

This will accelerate your speed. You have to go ahead like this. Those who do not have obstacles do not know how to go ahead because they have no experience of fighting against obstacles. After having gone a long distance, when big obstacles come they get nervous, they get disappointed. But he who has moved through obstacles, he gets acquainted with small obstacles and then with big obstacles. In this way he develops inner strength. When he becomes impregnable, nobody can stop him. The poet Rabindranath has said, “That which is immortal cannot be suppressed by sarcastic words and that tapasya which is based on truth cannot be felled by anybody:

That which is true will come out and nobody can suppress it. We have taken less time than we had planned for implementation of our program in India and outside India. I am not saying so as a self-praise but as a recognition of truth. That is why i say that the spiritual inspiration that you have got for your work that inspiration has become victorious. The victory is always with Dharma. In various small and big matters you have seen that big powers were in fruitless efforts to uproot you, they could not and were themselves crushed. When elephant moves along the street, the street dog looks at him; he becomes envious, he starts barking but the elephant pays no heed to it. When the chariot moves on the road with rattling sound, the street dog barks behind it but the chariot doesn’t stop rather the rattling sound of the chariot overpowers the barking of the street dogs.