1986, 2 January, RU – CALCUTTA



2 January 1986, Calcutta, INDIA

The root meaning of the word “Renaissance” is “Reawakening.

That is, humanity was sleeping, now it should wake up from that cimmerian slumber and do something in all the spheres of its life, in all the strata of its existence.

There are three important strata in Human life: the Physical stratum, the Psychic stratum and the Spiritual stratum.

In the physical stratum, there are many strata say, Science – that is Scientific achievement, Social Progress, Political life, Economic life, Cultural life.

Some people say, People say that this twentieth century is the century of Science.

No, it is not the truth.

Human life is associated with Science from prehistoric era, and not only in this twentieth century(20th), but from the very birth of Humanity in this Earth about one million years ago.

Nowadays, Science means creating new weapons – strengthening the hands of warmongers; but the spirit of science should not be like this, and in the start, in the primordial phase of Human life, it was not such.

Yes, there is necessity of weapons — weapons not for strengthening the hands of warmongers, but for providing security to good Ideas, good thoughts and good persons.

Science should be just like that of Art.

Science for Service and Beatitude.

Art for service and beatitude, I said; now I say, “Science is also for Service and Beatitude.

And Science should always be utilized for the proper progress of Human Society.

Then the Social sphere – In Social sphere there are several sub-strata, and the main spirit of Social Progress is to dispel all Social Disparity.

Each and every member of Human society should enjoy equal right as Members of the same family, but there is disparity and it is the Duty of the Renaissance Movement to dispel the disparity and bring Equality, Equilibrium and Equipoise amongst Human beings.

There are disparities, disparities of different types and different kinds.

Say, there are Biological disparities existing in the Society, and that one, is being encouraged by certain Selfish persons.

The Biological disparity between man and animal, between man and plant, between animal and plant — that Disparity must not be there.

Human, it is the birthright of Human beings to live in this world, and it is the birthright of Animal world and Plant world also to have the right, to remain in this Earth. It is also there birth right.

We will have to recognize it and to get this right recognized by the entire Human society, Renaissance movement will have to do something concrete.

There is disparity due to Birth — People of a particular country die of starvation, and people of another country die due to overeating due to Indigestion, due to voracity. It is a disparity — disparity between Higher caste, Disparity between people of Higher caste and so-called lower caste. It is bad. It is a creation of Selfish men, and not my Nature, and not by Parama Purus’a.

Renaissance movement will have to do something concrete in this respect also.

All are Equally glorified humanbeings with equal glamour as human beings.

Now, difference of Color – Due to geographical conditions, due to historical facts, there are difference in color.

A particular Human being may have white complimentary of white complexion, someone black, someone very black, someone yellow. It is not an Innate difference, it is an External difference.

Why it should be a special type of Scripture, Scripture based on these differences?

No, there must not be any difference of color, or any social disparity because of difference of color.

Now, there is a Sex difference – Females are debarred from many social right, socio-political rights.

Even a few hundred years ago they had no voting right in many countries of the World. Why?

They are also Human beings — they have also got the same rights as men have.

Renaissance will have to start Movement for Social Equality, that is fight against such Inequality based on sex difference.

Women must not be suppressed, and there should not be domination of males in the Society.

Society should be, should have a Co-operative leadership, leadership, not a subordinated leadership; but a coordinated cooperative leadership between male and female.

Renaissance will have to start Movement immediately to fight out these Disparity; otherwise if fifty percent of the Population, that is the ladies, form 50% of the population, remain downtrodden, how there can be all-round progress of Human Society?

So these are all Social Duties for all, Social responsibilities of this Renaissance movement and for this Renaissance people will have to wage war against these disparities due to inequalities.

In Political life, a group of people exploit another group of people of the same country, or of some other country. There is political inequality.

Still there is a sort of Economic polarization, Economic Exploitation, and not only that, there is Social and Cultural disparities, and Social and Cultural Exploitation also.

Renaissance people will have to bring this fact to the notice of one and all – there disparity is not, cannot be supported by Good people or Right people, and so we won’t support it.

Yes, in the Political sphere, there should be rule of Moralist people, otherwise immoral people cannot lead the society; they cannot goad the people unto the path of Righteousness.

And this Political life should also be based on Universalism, without forgetting the fact that a particular area of the world has got its particular problems and certain particular conditions.

Economic life - In Economic life there is extreme Inequality and Exploitation.

Renaissance will have to do something in this respect. You should remember that in Economic life, we will have to Guarantee the Minimum requirement to one and all.

There cannot be any second thought, or second thinking there cannot be any sort of adjustment, so far as this point is concerned.

That is, Minimum requirement, minimum purchasing capacity must be guaranteed to all.

Then comes one of the important points – Cultural Life.

What is Culture?

Culture is the collections of different Expressions of human life.

Culture of Entire Human race is one, but there are local, different local expressions but those differences in Expression doesn’t mean that different people, people of different corners of the Earth have got different cultures — culture is the same, but expressions vary.

Education is a part of Cultural life.

Education should be free, and Education must be based on Universalism.

And while imparting Education you should also remember that there are certain local conditions, local problems, local requirements; so while formulating the Educational structure, we should remember, do everything remembering this fundamental fact.

So you might, the scope of the Renaissance movement is vast, and you will have to do it, you will have to start your work from this very moment, it brooks no delay.