Microvita and Their Influence on Micropsychic and Macropsychic Corporal Structures[corrected from PROUT (a weekly journal of Proutistic Views & Neo-Humanistic Analysis) Saturday, February 4, 1989.
31 December 1988 RU, Anandanagar, INDIA

The subject of today’s discourse is “Microvita and their Influence on Micropsychic and Macropsychic Corporal Structures.” As you know, this universe is a mesh of waves of so many lengths, and along these wavelengths there move so many positive and negative microvita in so many directions in the entire universe.
Microvita are mainly of two types: the positive and the negative ones, each having their peculiar influences on different animate or inanimate structures; that is, they have influence on both animation and inanimation.
And in living structures also, where there is flow of vitality, they function in their own ways, creating either static or sentient influences in different portions of the human body, human mind, glands and sub-glands. Excepting the pineal gland and the upper layers of the pituitary gland, they influence almost each and every atom of the human structure; only the negative microvita cannot influence any portion of the body above the pituitary gland and the positive microvita may function above it but cannot touch the pineal gland.
Amongst different plexi of the body, or different nerve centres, they function directly on nerve centres or indirectly on other portions and other sub-glands of the body.
They influence very much the solar plexus and the sidereal plexus.
On the solar plexus they influence the vocal, occular and auricular capacities of the human structure, either in pro-materialistic order or pro-spiritualistic order.
But above the igneous plexus, the negative microvita cannot function properly; that is, above the igneous plexus the role of positive microvita is prominent, and the role of negative microvita is insignificant, far less than that of positive microvita.
Similarly, in the igneous structure and below, the influence of negative microvita is prominent, and that of positive microvita is insignificant, so in case of igneous plexus or other plexi, human beings should be well equipped with spiritual strength to fightout the influence of negative microvita.
On the sidereal plexus, if the positive microvita are allowed to function properly, accelerated by spiritualistic mobility or stamina, then it will make people sanguine in each and every step of their welfare service; that is, they will be assets to human civilization and human society; but if those positive microvita are not properly helped, their speed will not be accelerated, rather the influence of negative microvita will go on increasing and all the person’s thought-waves will be goaded into the materialistic sphere, which may be detrimental to the cause of the all-round development of the human society.
The next important influence of positive microvita on the sidereal structures is the endeavour, rather the propensity of endeavouring, the propensity to do something concrete.
If not properly directed, this sentient solar psycho-panoramic maximitis may be converted into static solar panoramic minimitis by negative microvita.
Someone you will find is energetic in doing something good, and someone you will find that the reverse is true, he is very much energetic in doing something bad.
If properly directed and accelerated by the influence of positive microvita, such people may do a lot, but if not properly directed they will move towards nihilism, towards cynicism, and destroy all the assets of human society.
Another propensity, psycho-physical attachment in crude sense is also created by positive microvita when it influences the sidereal plexus and the reverse is true if negative microvita are allowed to function. If there is no spiritual practice, certainly the influence of negative microvita will go on increasing.
Conscience – what is conscience?
Conscience is the spirit of differentiation between good and bad, merit or demerit. This also depends on the influence of positive microvita on a sub- gland of the sidereal plexus, otherwise this conscience will die a premature death.
Psycho-physical inertia is also created if negative microvita are allowed to function in the sidereal plexus, otherwise the positive microvita will crush the influence of negative microvita creating psycho-physical inertia.
Greediness is also encouraged if there is want of spiritual practice or spiritual pursuit; that is, in that case negative microvita will increase greediness in human minds.
Hypocrisy in human mind is also increased as a result of the influence of negative microvita on sidereal plexus. The psychology of repentantance, feeling repentant, is also created by positive microvita as a result of its influence on sidereal plexus.
But as I have already said that above the igneous plexus all plexi are influenced more by positive microvita than by negative microvita; regarding solar plexus I said that it directly influences vocality, ocular expression and auricular potentialities.
These potentialities will do something concrete in uplifting the entire living society of the world; but if negative microvita are allowed to function, if there is no spiritual practice, naturally the reverse will be the order.
Similarly, in the case of the igneous plexus, when the influence of negative microvita is more than that of positive ones, the result is the static physico-panoramic maximitis of negative microvita; but if there are spiritual practice and spiritual longings, the reverse is the order; that is, this static physico-panoramic maximitis may be transmuted into sentient psycho-panoramic maximitis of positive microvita.
So one should develop the psychology of doing spiritual practice.
Similarly, in the fluidal plexus also the inertia regarding worldly affairs is converted into inertia regarding something bad.
I said that the influence of positive microvita on the human body creates sentient propensities, and that of negative microvita creates static propensities; I did not say anything regarding mutative faculties of mutative propensities because mutative is not at all an attribute or wont or qualification, it is just – transitory phase moving from sentient to static or static to sentient.
The igneous plexus that maintains the balance of the physical structure and also maintains the symmetry of psycho-physical and psycho-spiritual orders, is the controlling point, hence it is the hub of the body, the nave of the body.
Similarly, in case of our social structure, where there is a collection of two or more than two persons, it is called a society.
As is the case with micropsychic order, the same is the case with micro-psychic corporal order also, and the collective body, as a result of the influence of collective plexi, of positive microvita or negative microvita, the entire social body, the entire social structure undergoes degradation or elevation.
I think, I hope that you will not allow any degradation to take place in the human order, in the human system, so you should encourage others on the path of righteousness and spirituality so that negative microvita will not get any scope to function on micropsychic structures or micropsychic corporal structure.
Human beings are social beings, so in our social life, negative microvita will not be allowed to function. One of the important expressions of negative microvita on human mind or human society is dogma.
If you want to encourage positive microvita, encourage spirituality, you must fight out dogma in different spheres, and levels and arenas and strata of our society.
This never-ending fight against dogma will help you a lot in establishing a society of spiritualistic order, maintaining a balance amongst the three layers of human existence, the physical, the psychic and the spiritual.