“The Inferiority Complex Story”

During the discourse, Baba said that whenever we find this inferiority complex we should courageously expose it. To elucidate this point Beloved BABA narrated the following story:

The coronation ceremony of King Rama had just finished, and the Princes and other dignitaries, after bidding farewell, were about to depart for their respective countries. The monkey were awaiting the consent of King Rama so that they too could take their leave.

Rama whispered to his Minister Vashishta these monkeys have helped us a lot. How can we reward them?”

Vashishta whispered, “Could we not grant them a special boon?”

King Rama replied, “Should I grant them the boon that they can become human?”

“Well, that could be done”, replied Vashishta, “But, seeing as they suffer from such an inferiority complex, do you think they will accept such a favor?”

“Let’s see”, said Rama, and he called the monkeys.

“I am immensely pleased by the service you monkeys have given me. I am therefore ready to grant you the boon of being born as human beings in Kali Yuga.”

The monkeys were reluctant to accept the boon, and were struggling hard to find some arguments to justify this reticence. After a while they said, “Respected King, there are so many artificial formalities and courtesies and so much feigned etiquette in the world of the human beings. We would die if subjected so such superfluity and therefore we don’t want to become human.”

The King replied, “But you can lead simple lives; you don’t have to be so artificial.”

The Monkeys then argued, “But we have heard that human say that they haven’t eaten even when they have just filled their bellies with food. They also say that they have had a bath when in fact they didn’t have one at all because they were suffering from a cold.”

Rama said, “But you will eat and then say that you have eaten; you will have a bath and admit that very fact.”

The monkeys further pleaded, “Humans are always going to Court. We don’t understand anything about these law suits. Oh king, what shall we do? They swear on oath to tell the truth and then tell a pack of lies. We couldn’t do that.”

The King answered, “You will go to the Court for a good cause and will never implicate people unjustly. When you swear on oath to tell the truth you will do just that. You will speak the truth even if you don’t take an oath.”

The monkeys paused for a while as they tried to find more excuses.

King Rama cast a meaningful glance at Vashishta.

“I told you, King they will not accept the boon.”

The monkeys came forward with another plea; “Repeated King, if we are born as humans what will happen to this beloved tail of ours?

Rama replied, “Well, boys, don’t worry about that. These long tails of yours will become glittering pig-tails at the back of your head. The world will be charmed by the beauty of those swinging pig-tales. It will make you look very handsome indeed.”

The monkeys remained silent, unresponsive ………

Vashishta whispered, “King Rama this is exactly what I told you would happen….”

The monkeys came up with another argument, “Oh King, the problem of the tails has been resolved. However, everyone knows that human faces look neat and clean whereas our look charred. We want to keep our charred faces; we don’t want a human face.”

Rama was at a loss as to what to say. Vashishta whispered, “King Rama, this is what is called inferiority complex.”

“Oh I see….. I see….. I see,” uttered the King, “What a dreadful thing it is. All beings must be freed from this inferiority complex…. They have got to be liberated.”

“Yes, a hundred times yes,” concluded Vashishta.