A Few Medicines

Baba says, “Black pepper stimulates the secretion of saliva, increases hunger, and helps to enhance digestion. Plus it makes the nerve fibersalert. Furthermore it is a medicine and remedy for lethargy and melancholia.”“If you make a paste by mixing the top layer of milk with black pepperand apply it to the face it prevent acne.” (SC-8)

Baba says, “Aloe juice is a medicine. Dried aloe sap is called musabbar in Arabic. A type of rasa’injana also used to be prepared out of aloe  sap, or musabbar, which was used as medicine — it was used to treat  blood pressure and insanity due to gall bladder disorder.” (Shabda Cayanika-3, p.109)

Baba says, “The retention-of-urine ailment that results when the movement of the urine is obstructed is also called kabandha. The water from soaked fenugreek, fresh date juice, palm juice, and sha’nkha’lu [a conch-shaped esculent] are medicines for this disease.” (Shabda Cayanika-3, p.103)